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Thursday 04.03.21

Happy World Book Day, Y6😊 Here are your tasks for today. Please complete everything on the list.

  • Y6 Live Chat @ 10am. Click here to join the meeting!
  • Post your morning mission on here.
  • Spelling for at least 15 minutes.
  • Read your book for at least 15 minutes.
  • Play Times Tables Rock Stars for at least 15 minutes.
  • Watch Newsround.
  • World Book Day activity ideas on Notebook.

Please send a photo of your work today to so I can give you some feedback.

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Jack and the bean stalk
Who let the gods out
James and the giant peach
Charlie and the chocolate factory
The Gruffalo
Revolting rhymes

Hi Mrs Larkin,happy world book day!! Here are my top 5 books, characters and favourite moments.

Top 5 books:
The peculiars.
Alex Rider(any books)
Who Let The Gods Out
Medal for Leroy
War horse
I love most books I read but these are 5 I love.

Top 5 characters:
Robert (cogheart series)
Lily (cogheart series)
Virgo (Who Let The Gods Out)
The Wolfgirl (The Peculiars)
Jori (Uki and the Outcasts)
Again there are a lot of characters I like these are just a few.

Top 5 moments in any book:
The Sin and Nis battle (Uki and the Outcasts)
Scarlet and Ariadne nearly get caught in the kitchen. (Scarlet and Ivy)
Malikin, Lily and Robert get locked in the cargo bay. (Skycircus)
When the boy wakes up from the pig heart transplant. (Pig heart boy)
When George’s Grandma reacts crazily to the “medicine”. (George’s marvellous medicines)

Hope these are ok. These all were really hard to choose. Have a lovely world book day.

This is really super, Lily! Thank you for putting so much thought into it 🙂

Charlie and the chocolate factory-the chocolate river is my faviourte part-Charlie
George’s marvellous medicine -when he makes the medicine -George
Goldie locks and the three bears-when Goldie locks goes into the house-the three bears

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