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Friday 05.02.21

  • Story and Chat – join at 11am using this link.
  • Phonics – revisit Phase 5 with this video.
    Play some of the free games on Phonics Play.
    You may wish to do some daily phoneme practice with these:
    Phase 3 – digraph/trigraph flashcards
    Phase 2/3 – single letter sounds flashcards
  • Spelling – practise this week’s words – love, one, once, full, pull
  • Reading – read for at least 15 minutes. There are lots of books to enjoy on Oxford Owl. Click ‘My Class Login’ and enter:
    username: year1priory     password: priorystars
  • English – watch this video and complete the activities.
  • Maths – complete your CLIC and Learn Its challenges on BIGMaths. code: 0129
    username: firstname.lastname    password: Priory1
  • Knowledge – draw and label 10 fruits.

2 replies on “Friday 05.02.21”

hello. I have just done the shadow sentence. we wernt sure what you wanted so have wrote a sentence using all the words.
Kit and Dan had a scout around on the ground outside the tent because they heard a sound. They looked all about and only found a cloud.

You were right Luca, it was just to write some of your own sentences using the words on the worksheets. Oh wow! I’m very impressed that you managed to use all of the words! Well done.

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