World Book Day

Happy World Book Day! 📚 

Check out the live meetings happening today where we are sharing some of our favourite stories! Click on the links below to join as many as you want to. Even if the meeting isn’t with your usual teacher, we’d love to see you there!  

9.30 am The Jolley-Rogers with Mrs Snowdon
9.30 am Uki and the Outcasts with Mrs Larkin 
10.00 am Revolting Rhymes with Mrs Andrews 
10.00 am Peace at Last with Mrs Hurt 
10.00am The Gruffalo with Father Spicer 
10.30 am Dirty Beasts with Mr Anderson 
11.00 am The Twits with Miss Godfrey 
11.00am Mortal Engines with Mr Littlewood 
11.30 am Uki and the Swamp Spirit with Miss Cottingham 
11.30am The Midnight Gang with Miss Ward 
I.00 pm We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with Miss Mullen 

Your adults have all received a text with your digital World Book Day token. Next time they are out shopping, ask them to pick up your FREE book! 

Watch this video: how many books do you know in the song? 

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