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Friday 26.02.21

  • Story and Chat – join at 11am using this link.
  • Phonics – revisit ‘oi’ and ‘oy’ with this video.
    Play some of the free games on Phonics Play.
    You may wish to do some daily phoneme practice with these:
    Phase 3 – digraph/trigraph flashcards
    Phase 2/3 – single letter sounds flashcards
  • Spelling – practise this week’s words – ask, come, some, his, has
  • Reading – read for at least 15 minutes. There are lots of books to enjoy on Oxford Owl. Click ‘My Class Login’ and enter:
    username: year1priory     password: priorystars
  • English – watch this video and complete the activities.
  • Maths – complete your CLIC and Learn Its challenges on BIGMaths. code: 0129
    username: firstname.lastname    password: Priory1
  • Knowledge – watch this video.

4 replies on “Friday 26.02.21”

hello I have just done my big maths and i am happy with myself as i got 10/10 on clic and 14/17 on learn its 4,5 and 6,

I know I congratulated you on our video call on Friday Luca but well done again for you super scores!

Whoops, sorry Luca! Grown-ups make mistakes sometimes. Don’t worry about it at all. Your knowledge was fantastic when you showed us on the video call so that’s all that matters.

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