Spring Term 2021

Knowledge and Understanding : Bears, winter, Chinese New Year, and Bible stories.

Phonics Phase 2 and 3 depending on where your child is at. Your child will need to recognise and say each sound on the mat and in words. They need to learn to blend sounds together to make words using the letters they know. Click here Phase 2 sounds. or here for Phase 3 sounds

Reading : Words that cannot be blended (Tricky.) Understanding a text and answering who, where, what and why questions

CLIC 2: Working with numbers objects and the child’s fingers. Some children will continue to work on CLIC 1 activities until they score 10.

  1. Chant numbers accurately to 13
  2. Recognise any number to 10
  3. How many count out amounts up to 6
  4. Count accurately amounts to 10
  5. Place any 3 numbers cards 1-9 in order
  6. Chant in 10s to 50.
  7. Show 5 fingers and another 5 fingers and say I have 10 fingers
  8. Double digits 1-5
  9. 1 more than any number 1-9
  10. 1 less than any number 1-9

Computer or Apps to support learning
🌟 Teach my Monster to read app a fun way for children to learn to read available with your personal log in. Please contact the school office for support.

🌟🌟 Education City App : a vast selection of fun games and activities for children to develop there skills and knowledge in a range of subjects. Personal log in details required. Link

PSED: helping others, and trying something new.

I hope you enjoy supporting your child on their learning journey this term. Remember all children learn at different rates and when they enjoy their learning they tend to remember it. We are here to help so please contact me via the school office if you have any questions.
Thank you Mrs Neal