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  • 📝 Phonics – phase 2 or phase 3. Use your sound mat in your book bag to make 3 words, for each letter sound or digraph – cap cot cat, or moon, spoon, noon etc.
  • ✏️ Handwriting – name and form your ABC letters correctly. Write your name in higher case letters using different colours. Say the sound for each letter now try the names of other family members
  • SAFE – measuring use a piece of string, a small stick to measure items. Record your measures as… This table is …… sticks long
  • 🧮 Numbers – Counting in 2s up to 20 and 5s, up to 50, and 10s to 100. Make some number cards to order.
  • ✏️ Write a sentence for each place we saw in Clumber park see our previous blog photos
    First we went to… Then we saw …. Next we …. Last of all….
  • 🗣 Talk about the past – using the pictures on the previous blog pages, talk about sports day, and the different role- plays we have had in our topic ‘people who help us’. Which was your favourite and why ?
  • 🌿 Literacy – Jack and the Beanstalk – act out the story, collecting or making props, try using character voices.
  • 🏰 Design and make – a castle using anything you can find. Take a photo and send it in to me using this email address

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