19.07.2021 Weekly blog

Hello if you are working from home here is your learning for this week. Please feel free to choose your activities but try to make sure you have a phonics, literacy and maths/SAFE everyday. Any writing please insist the correct letter formation is used. The numbers indicate the times to try the activity and look for improvements over the week.

  • Literacy : book of the week Shark in the Park https. Become familiar with words = 3 days
    Phonics – phase 2 and 3 sounds, see your sound mat. Confident blending to read and write key words here. 5 words per day
  • Reading and enjoying other Nick Sharatt books = 2 days. Search and listen to others , make a list .
  • Handwriting – higher and lower case letters Aa Zz accuracy is the key to success. = 2 days
  • Numeracy – Try 3 per day with a number line word problems counting on how many more to make ten if I have 3 oranges etc. = 3 days
  • SAFE – 3 D shape names – recap shape names cube, cuboid, cone , pyramid and sphere. Go on a shape hunt name and sort = 3 days
  • Fitness : Yoga stretch here improve your poses here = 3 days
  • Knowledge of the world – Challenge 1 Design and draw a park for children with a path, bin, nature area, and water. = 1 or 2 to review to improve
    Challenge 2 Design and make a park for our older friends – include a rest area = 1 or review to improve.
    Compare and discuss what was the same or different with the 2 parks.
  • Health and self-care Challenge 1 : my healthy lunch box talk about photos here, and fruit and a little something else.
    Challenge 2 : My healthy dinner plate, choose 2 vegetables and meat / plant alternative, and a dessert.
  • PSED – Talking about how you feel leaving Mars, and moving to Year 1, breathing five finger = 3 , confidence yoga = 2 repeat and improve your yoga positions.
  • Singing – from our class repertoire, Daisy Daisy, Wonderful world, New – Mr Sun ☀️ or a favourite. Minimum = 2 Take a video watch it back and discuss how to improve your performance. = 2

We hope you enjoyed our previous photo pages.

Home Learning

Mars weekly blog

  • 📝 Phonics – phase 2 or phase 3. Use your sound mat in your book bag to make 3 words, for each letter sound or digraph – cap cot cat, or moon, spoon, noon etc.
  • ✏️ Handwriting – name and form your ABC letters correctly. Write your name in higher case letters using different colours. Say the sound for each letter now try the names of other family members
  • SAFE – measuring use a piece of string, a small stick to measure items. Record your measures as… This table is …… sticks long
  • 🧮 Numbers – Counting in 2s up to 20 and 5s, up to 50, and 10s to 100. Make some number cards to order.
  • ✏️ Write a sentence for each place we saw in Clumber park see our previous blog photos
    First we went to… Then we saw …. Next we …. Last of all….
  • 🗣 Talk about the past – using the pictures on the previous blog pages, talk about sports day, and the different role- plays we have had in our topic ‘people who help us’. Which was your favourite and why ?
  • 🌿 Literacy – Jack and the Beanstalk – act out the story, collecting or making props, try using character voices.
  • 🏰 Design and make – a castle using anything you can find. Take a photo and send it in to me using this email address


Sports day and physical activities


People who help us

We wrote lots of letters and cards to our friends and family in our Post Office


Learning about maps using our school playground