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Easter preparations 29th March 2021

  • PSED : Think about kindness and what you can do to be kind. Imagine you have a cup or a jar and every time you do something kind it gets filled. An adult could write them down for you. How many kind things have you done, or said and how does it make you feel ? Here are a few examples “I love your smile,” “thank you so much” “let me do that for you” etc.
  • Easter : Talk about the meaning of Easter watch and talk about this video. Make a cross with 2 sticks and decorate it. Share an Easter Bible story from your Bible or here.
  • Design and make a card to celebrate Easter 🐣, which symbol did you choose? Write an Easter message.
  • Boil an egg or two and decorate it with felt tip pens can you use pattern in your design or make it into a book character, Goldilocks etc.
  • Design and Make an Easter wreath with paper like this one, or with a paper plate.
  • Fitness : Try this wake up song have an egg and spoon race 🐣. Make an obstacle course and shout out in, on, under, through, over etc . Now try it with your egg and spoon. Set up an Easter egg hunt and say warmer warmer as you get closer to an egg, or colder if further away.
    Yoga Easter story – join in with Jamie here
  • Counting in the garden game here.
  • Read and sing along to Peter rabbit

🌿🐣Well done everyone, we hope you enjoy your Easter Break. 🐣🌸

We will see you back on Monday 19th April and remember to send your photos to

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