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Tuesday 9th March

  • Literacy : Listen and join in with the book for this week. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Switch off the sound and say the words. Creative literacy – making your own version of Bear Hunt what would you hunt for ? Join in with this song, you will need your binoculars.
  • Phonics : Group 1 phase 2 single sounds – take a look and say with this video now find some objects to match the sounds. Group 2 phase 2 – take a look at this ng now write the words.
    Group 3 Say the ai digraph sounds in words now write them in your purple book . Have fun using your phonics to play games on phonics play here.

  • SAFE : time. talk about today yesterday and tomorrow. Ordering the days of the week here. Sing and dance along to this great song can you learn the words keep trying !
  • Fitness – sing and dance along the happy song try and do all the actions too.
  • Understanding the World : weather chart. Add today’s weather to your chart write or copy Tuesday 2nd, then add your weather word and symbol. It was very foggy and cloudy on Monday. Watch today’s weather report. You can draw it in your purple book or make one like this. Place a dry empty tub outside to catch rain water, have fun making a wind sock like this one.

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