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Wednesday 3rd March

  • Teams Meeting – Join Miss Mullen for today’s meeting at 9:30 am. Click here to join.

  • Literacy : Listen and join in with the book for this week. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Can you recall the descriptive words like thick oozy mud for each place.

  • Phonics : W w formation. Look carefully at this formation. Using the letter w, to write wet, web, win, will, went, winter, and Wednesday

  • CLIC : try this Spring missing number sheet Group 1 Group 2 and 3 add the missing numbers, now have fun with a number colour sheet here or draw a simple picture and add your numbers for colours.
  • Understanding the World : wet and dry experiment. Find a colander or sieve place a small toy under it. Poor water over the sieve notice what happens. Now find 3-5 different materials to see if they are water proof. (foil, flannel, paper etc.) Lay one of the materials over the colander or sieve pour the water again. Observe and record what happens in your purple book like this.

  • Weather update chart : Add today’s weather to your chart write or copy Wednesday 3rd then add your weather word and symbol. Watch today’s weather report. You can draw it in your purple book or make one like this. Change your weather wheel,here is one to make.

  • Fitness – Go on a Spring jog and see if you can find or try out any of these things on this poster.

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