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Monday 1st March

  • Teams Meeting – Join Miss Mullen for today’s meeting at 9:30 am. Click here to join.
  • Literacy : Listen and join in with the book for this week. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Can you recall the weather in each picture? Now see if you can make a list in your purple book. (Group 1 use initial sounds in words. Group 2 listen for initial and end sounds in words. Group 3 listen for all sounds in words and there may be some digraphs too.)
  • Phonics – Read together then place your key words in a mixing bowl stir them up pick out and shout them out (Group 1 words here, Group 2 words here, Group 3 words here ) ⭐️Challenge words
  • SAFE : shape videos (Group 1 2D shape, Group 2 and 3 3D shape). Can you make a repeating pattern with 2 shapes or try a 🌟 3 shapes challenge. What comes next? See here
  • Understanding the World : weather chart. Make a weather chart with the days of the week and numbers then add your weather word / symbol. Watch today’s weather report. You can draw it in your purple book or make one like this.
  • Fitness – Yoga 🧘‍♂️. Go on a bear hunt with Jamie here

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