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Easter preparations 29th March 2021

  • PSED : Think about kindness and what you can do to be kind. Imagine you have a cup or a jar and every time you do something kind it gets filled. An adult could write them down for you. How many kind things have you done, or said and how does it make you feel ? Here are a few examples “I love your smile,” “thank you so much” “let me do that for you” etc.
  • Easter : Talk about the meaning of Easter watch and talk about this video. Make a cross with 2 sticks and decorate it. Share an Easter Bible story from your Bible or here.
  • Design and make a card to celebrate Easter 🐣, which symbol did you choose? Write an Easter message.
  • Boil an egg or two and decorate it with felt tip pens can you use pattern in your design or make it into a book character, Goldilocks etc.
  • Design and Make an Easter wreath with paper like this one, or with a paper plate.
  • Fitness : Try this wake up song have an egg and spoon race 🐣. Make an obstacle course and shout out in, on, under, through, over etc . Now try it with your egg and spoon. Set up an Easter egg hunt and say warmer warmer as you get closer to an egg, or colder if further away.
    Yoga Easter story – join in with Jamie here
  • Counting in the garden game here.
  • Read and sing along to Peter rabbit

🌿🐣Well done everyone, we hope you enjoy your Easter Break. 🐣🌸

We will see you back on Monday 19th April and remember to send your photos to


We had lots of fun this week !

Home Learning

Learning for this week beginning 22.03.21

  • Book of the week : Goldilocks and the three bears here . 🐻🐻🐻
  • Retell the story in the correct sequence.
  • Draw 6 pictures and add words or captions using this vocabulary.
  • Make your pictures into a book 📙
  • Write / copy a thank you letter 📝to a friend or family member use the word Dear ….
  • Add the address to the envelope 📩
  • Post or deliver it.
  • Understanding the world Talk about your home address and learn to say it and write it.🏠
  • Talk about different places where friends and family live and find them on a map.
  • Go for a walk and check for more signs of Spring
  • SAFE : Coins sort coins and name them.
  • Count pennies and swap them for 2p, 5p and 10 p coin. Try this game here
  • Play shops add prices below 10p and exchange the correct amount using mostly pennies and some other coins.
  • Weight : compare weights of boxes, or food. Use the words heavy, heaviest lighter lightest. ⚖️
  • Fitness : go on a scooter or bike ride, 🛴go for a jog, 🏃🏽‍♂️throw and catch a ball, ⚽️ make an obstacle course to dribble your ball around and score a goal ! Repeat and get faster or have more control 😀

Enjoy your week and remember to send me your photos to

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What did you do at school today ?

We have had lots of fun encouraging your children to begin to write letters this week through our Post Office role play. We have talked about stamps, looked at post boxes. We have scales for weighing and a map of Worksop. The children have been handling coins and are beginning to learn coin names and values.

Outside in the garden we have been using our imaginations by going on a bear and dinosaur hunt. On cold days we have made a fire with sticks to keep us warm. We are still weather watching and finding signs of Spring. Some children have been naming birds and flowers too, how many can you name?

We are enjoying reading and recalling our story of the week and learning to write our names too.

We have lots of fun on the big field every day in our wellies !


First week back !

Great to see the children with their smiles back in class this week !
We celebrated with balloons, a cake to share and a special class present 🌈. Then we talked about all the things we were looking forward to doing this week.

Look at the wind socks we made and tested out to see how windy it was … it was windy !

We all talked about the weather every day this week using our weather wheels. We noticed the weather changing in the afternoon too!

The children accepted the challenge to draw the pictures from the book and add some story words.

We all laughed at the story of Norman the slug 🐌 with the silliest shell, who was so positive, ambitious and determined to try new things. Just like us !

Home Learning

Wednesday 10th March

  • Phonics – Squiggle while you wiggle here. Draw some giant size letters in your name using a scarf or a tea towel.
  • Name write – write your name remember to use the correct letter formation – using, a tray of …. flour, shaving foam, porridge etc.
  • Maths – Weight heavy or light – choose 4 objects to weigh with big differences e.g. a sock, a tin of beans, a book and a pen. Place them on the floor. Tell your child they are going to find out what is heaviest or lightest. Ask them to pick up 2 objects to compare. Which is heaviest? Lightest? Encourage a sentence reply – this one is heaviest, this one is lightest. Repeat comparing the different objects. Work sheet here
  • Creative – Make a bear hunt picture using different materials or draw, like this one here. Talk about each place in the story. Which are cold places and which are warm places ?
  • Understanding the world : Check the weather outside today on your weather wheel. Talk about ‘ stormy weather’ the strong wind, rain and clouds. Look at some of you photos comparing weather, and clothing : summer sun and cold winter snow etc.
  • Fitness : get moving with this action song.
Home Learning

Tuesday 9th March

  • Literacy : Listen and join in with the book for this week. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Switch off the sound and say the words. Creative literacy – making your own version of Bear Hunt what would you hunt for ? Join in with this song, you will need your binoculars.
  • Phonics : Group 1 phase 2 single sounds – take a look and say with this video now find some objects to match the sounds. Group 2 phase 2 – take a look at this ng now write the words.
    Group 3 Say the ai digraph sounds in words now write them in your purple book . Have fun using your phonics to play games on phonics play here.

  • SAFE : time. talk about today yesterday and tomorrow. Ordering the days of the week here. Sing and dance along to this great song can you learn the words keep trying !
  • Fitness – sing and dance along the happy song try and do all the actions too.
  • Understanding the World : weather chart. Add today’s weather to your chart write or copy Tuesday 2nd, then add your weather word and symbol. It was very foggy and cloudy on Monday. Watch today’s weather report. You can draw it in your purple book or make one like this. Place a dry empty tub outside to catch rain water, have fun making a wind sock like this one.
Home Learning

Monday 8th March

Good morning everyone here are your learning activities for today !

  • Literacy : Listen and join in with the book for this week. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Can you say the sentence we’re going on a Bear Hunt we’re going to catch a big one! ... Now see if you can copy write Group I Abigail one, Group 2 and 3 🌟 challenge write it by yourself ! in your purple book. (Group 1 use initial sounds in words. Group 2 listen for initial and end sounds in words. Group 3 listen for all sounds in words and there may be some digraphs too.)
  • Phonics – make some word cards – Read together then place these words in a mixing bowl stir them up pick out and shout them out. Group 1 : See letter o video here
    Group 2 : catch a big one Group 3 : Bear, Hunt, catch, we are going to, big , one
  • SAFE : we’re going on a shape hunt ! shape videos (Group 1 2D shape, Group 2 and 3 3D shape).
  • Understanding the World : weather chart. Make a weather chart with the days of the week and numbers then add your weather word / symbol. Watch today’s weather report. You can draw it in your purple book or make one like this.
  • Creative – make a wind sock follow the instructions here
  • Fitness – Yoga 🧘‍♂️. Go on a bear hunt with Jamie here
Home Learning

Friday 5th March

  • Teams Meeting : Mrs Forman at 9.30 bring along something you are proud of or that is special to you. Meet here!
  • Literacy : retell the story using these pictures here 🐻 Sing along here with Michael Rosen the author
  • Breathing : Relax those frozen feelings. Talk about your return to school, your friends and teachers too. Take a look at the photo page attached to the green band at the top of this blog.
  • Phonics : Everyone draw your letters carefully starting in the correct position see here. Blend your sounds to read words in phase 2 or 3 click here and choose the pick a picture game.
  • CLIC : Review your CLIC scores here CLIC 1 and CLIC 2 ; Please work on a question that was incorrect, try other examples of the question using other numbers. Watch this ‘time of the day’ video. Play ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf ? What time do you do things, do we do things at school? breakfast time for school is ? Snack time is …10 am and dinner time is …11.30, fruit play is ? 2 pm then last of all getting ready for home time is 3 O’ clock ⏰
  • Understanding the world : Take another look outside and see if you can spot any other signs of Spring. Now fill in your weather chart 🌧
  • Creative : collect some materials to make a collage picture of the story see this idea here to get you started.
  • Fitness : ⭐️ Dance and sing along to ‘ Reach for the stars! ⭐️, or any of your favourite songs!

🏆🌟 I can’t begin to thank you all enough for all your amazing work this term at home you are all super stars !🌟🏆

See you all very soon children Mrs Neal and the staff team.

Home Learning

Thursday 4th March

📕📗 World Book Day📘📙

Click on ‘world book day’ above – schools and nurseries for lots more fun activities

Happy World Book Day! 📚 

Check out the live meetings happening today where we are sharing some of our favourite stories! Click on the links below to join as many as you want to. Even if the meeting isn’t with your usual teacher, we’d love to see you there!  

9.30 am The Jolley-Rogers with Mrs Snowdon 

9.30 am Uki and the Outcasts with Mrs Larkin 

10.00 am Revolting Rhymes with Mrs Andrews 

10.00 am Peace at Last with Mrs Hurt 

10.00am The Gruffalo with Father Spicer 

10.30 am Dirty Beasts with Mr Anderson 

11.00 am Shark in the Park with Miss Crump 

11.00 am The Twits with Miss Godfrey 

11.00am Mortal Engines with Mr Littlewood 

11.30 am Uki and the Swamp Spirit with Miss Cottingham 

11.30am The Midnight Gang with Miss Ward 

I.00 pm We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with Miss Mullen 

Your adults have all received a text with your digital World Book Day token. Next time they are out shopping, ask them to pick up your FREE book! 

Literacy : join in with a story read live by one of our teachers from the list. Talk to your family and friends about your favourite books (on the phone).

  • Phonics : Look at this alphabet mat here and think of a book character for each letter.
  • CLIC : make your own zig zag number book to 10 or 20. Write each number and draw the correct amount.

  • Creative : Grab a potato and create your own story book potato character! Here are some super cool examples and cut outs here

  • Creative : Dress up as a book character and build a story den and share a story with a bear. Don’t forget to send me a photo 📸
  • Knowledge and understanding : weather fill in your weather chart for today.

  • Health and fitness : 🧘‍♂️ Enjoy a yoga story Jack and the Bean stalkwith Jamie.

  • PSED : Talk about your child’s return to school when they are feeling happy. What are they looking forward to, what are they worried about, what could you do to help that worry go away , what do they remember about school ? Go to the ‘ Talking about school photo page’.