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Whatever next ?
Home Learning

Friday 26th February

  • Teams Meeting – Join Miss Mullen for today’s meeting at 9:30 am. Click here to join.
  • Literacy : Listen and join in with Whatever Next. Mrs Bear said “you and your stories whatever next?” Share your ideas with a grown up, draw a picture in your purple book, showing where he went next, who he saw what he took and what happened next ! Group 2 and 3 add some captions.
  • Name writing try this activity to help you recall both of your names. Remember to use the correct formation for each letter.
  • CLIC : Review your CLIC scores here please. CLIC 1 and CLIC 2; Please work on a question that was incorrect, try other examples of the question using other numbers.🌟challenge sheet : here.
  • Creative : Make a solar system healthy snack. Here is one idea, don’t forget to send me a photo. How many planets 🪐 can you name in the solar system?
  • Fitness Gummy bear dance, I think my bear would go to a jelly planet where gummy bears lived and danced all day long !

Thank you everyone for all your hard work this week and the photos, please keep sending them in. Take a look at the photo gallery on the next page from 12 o’clock today. Keep smiling 😀

Home Learning

Thursday 25th February

  • Teams Meeting – Join Miss Mullen for today’s meeting at 9:30 am. Click here to join. Bring your Bear 🧸
  • Literacy : Listen and join in with Whatever Next. Can you look at this picture of baby bear and describe him ? Do you think he is brave or scared ? (Group 1 – use initial sounds in words. Group 2 – listen for initial and end sounds in words. Group 3 – listen for all sounds in words and there may be some digraphs too.)
  • Phonics – Try Reading sounds in words to play this game on phonics play select your level. Group 1 – phase 2, select the sounds you know. Group 2 – phase 3 single letters. Group 3 – phase 3 digraphs
  • CLIC : Count forwards and backwards using this number line. Now try and fill in this work sheet counting back in ones, ( 1 less is ?) 🌟 Challenge – Try 1 less and counting back with numbers 10-20.
  • Fitness – Join in with Jamie on a space adventure on the moon. Find a good space.
  • Understanding the world and Creative – Make a solar system, using paper, or play dough, or other craft materials.
    Here is a song to help you learn the names, facts and to think about their colours too.

Home Learning

Wednesday 24th February

  • Teams Meeting at 9.30 am. We look forward to seeing you 😀. Click here to join. Please bring a Teddy and something to write with. 🧸✏️

Make some space biscuits : try this recipe

  • Literacy – Follow the recipe instructions, repeat them back as your adult reads them out. Talk about the ingredients adding descriptive words. Read a favourite story in your rocket to a bear.
  • Phonics – Initial sounds or spell out the ingredients. Make some post-it labels together or have fun drawing letters correctly in a tray of flour! Remember to start each letter in the correct place. Check here.
  • Maths – Weigh your ingredients. Look out for the numbers on the scales. Find things that are heavy or light in the kitchen. Now, can you order 3 things or 5 things? Will you start with the heaviest or lightest ? Count your biscuits and decide how many you will have with 1 less or 2 less if you eat them. 😜
  • Creative – decorate your biscuits using coloured icing or adding edible sprinkles etc. Send in a photo. I would love to see them all! Draw a picture of your biscuits and write a caption.
  • Understanding the world : Find out about the different planets in our solar system. One of the planets is in the news at the moment! What do you know about Mars?
  • Fitness – Try some moon walking in your boots around the garden.
Home Learning

Tuesday 23rd February

  • Teams Meeting 9.30 am. What would you pack with you to take to the moon? Bring something with you that you would take to share. Click here to join. Bring something to write with too.
  • Literacy : Listen to the story here and think about what food you would like to take on a picnic to the moon. Write the sounds you hear in the words and draw a picture too. 🌟Challenge – Add descriptive words, cheesy puffs, juicy apple, crunchy crisps, green grapes etc.
  • Phonics : In your purple book, write these words: Group 1 – letter m Now try writing the words ‘mat, mug, men and milk’ Group 2 – digraph ck. Now try writing ‘duck, luck, rocket, and stuck.’ Group 3 – digraph oo. Now try writing oo and oo words. Parents- please encourage your child to say the word slowly to identify each sound as the write.
  • Number : Sing along with 5 little men in a flying saucer here. Parents – please pause the song and point out 1 less will be … ? Group 1 – Counting objects or pictures here to 10 Group 2 & 3 – 1 more and 1 less. Watch this video now and then try this work sheet.

  • Creative : Make a space station or rocket and go on an adventure. Remember your count down! ’10, 9, 8… blast off!’ Now, find a helmet, some boots and a picnic! Anything else you might need ? Send me a picture to:
  • Fitness: Try out this astronaut workout here.

Home Learning

Monday 22nd February

  • Teams Meeting – Join Miss Mullen for today’s meeting at 9:30 am. Click here to join.
  • Literacy : Listen and join in with Whatever Next. Can you recall what baby bear needed for his journey? Now see if you can make a list in your purple book. (Group 1 use initial sounds in words. Group 2 listen for initial and end sounds in words. Group 3 listen for all sounds in words and there may be some digraphs too.)
  • Phonics – Read together then place your key words in 4 corners of the room. Adult shout out a word and child run to fetch the word. (Group 1 words here, Group 2 words here, Group 3 words here ) ⭐️Challenge words
  • SAFE : shape videos (Group 1 2D shape, Group 2 and 3 3D shape)
    Using this shape mat, can you name and describe each of these shapes by counting the corners and edges too?
  • Creative : Make a 2D rocket picture, naming and using shapes. Here is one idea to get you started.
  • Fitness – join in with Jamie on a space adventure. Find a good space.


Half-term activities

Have a look at the ideas below, any of which you could choose to do over half-term, if you wish. You can do as few, or as many activities as you like. Send in your work by using the class email address.

100 list

Have a look at the ‘100 things to do before you leave Priory’ list here. If there’s something you would like to do, send in a picture of your finished work, or you doing the task. You will get a star stamp on your passport when we’ve seen your work.

PE Activity – The National Primary School Distance Challenge

We are taking part in a competition with other schools across the country, to see who can do the most exercise over half-term. Can you help Priory jump up the leaderboard?

If you have completed any running, walking, cycling or scootering with your family, you can click this link each time, select Worksop Priory C of E Primary Academy from the drop-down list, and put your distance in (how many km have you done?).

Ash Wednesday activity

Mr Littlewood has produced a video about Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, which takes place during half-term. Watch this video and if you would like to, you can make one of the stickers that he shows you how to make! Did you know Mr Littlewood is also a vicar when his is not teaching? You do now!

Home Learning

Friday 12th February

  • Teams Meeting : with Mrs Forman at 9.30 Bring along a small star ⭐️ your bear , a pen and some paper . Click Here!
  • Literacy : Following instructions. Creative : How to draw a teddy bear with a heart . Remember if it doesn’t work first time, try, try again.
  • Phonics : Everyone draw your letters carefully starting in the correct position see here. Blend your sounds to read words in phase 2 or 3 click here and choose the pick a picture game.
  • CLIC : Review your CLIC scores here please.
    CLIC 1 and CLIC 2 ; Please work on a question that was incorrect, try other examples of the question using other numbers. Watch this ‘time of the day’ video. Play ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf ?’ using O’ clock or make a clock of your own like this one here.

  • Threading bear – try going up and down the holes with some wool attached to a small straw using a bear made from card like this one.
  • Fitness : Try a dance to Jerusalem here, or take a bike ride or a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

Have a good weekend everyone and remember to send me a message on this blog and some photos of your work. We look forward to seeing them every day.
🌟 Thank you for your amazing work 🌟
Stay safe, Mrs Neal and the staff team.

Home Learning

Thursday 11th February

  • Teams Meeting: So sorry to say that my voice is still missing. Where could it be? Mr Abbott will be along to take our TEAMs meeting at 9.15am. He will see if you can help me find out where my voice has gone! Click here to join in!
  • Mrs Forman will be joining you tomorrow at 9.30am for your class meeting.
  • Thank you Joseph for your fabulous crispy cake photo. I hope you all enjoy your learning activities for today.
  • Literacy: Talk about the meaning of these words in the story, then listen out for them. Pause the story to find them. ‘Can’t you sleep little bear?’ Try making your own bears in a cave. See here.
  • Breathing: Little bear might need some help to be calm. Teach your bear to breath like this, any time of the day. Enjoy this video
  • Phonics : Tricky words! Have fun playing splat with your tricky words. Grab a spatula and whack those words ! Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 🌟. Challenge
  • CLIC : ordering numbers on a clock. Try adding the numbers to this clock here. Check the O’clock time throughout your day.
  • Understanding the World : Let’s have more fun with shadows and light. Try making some animals with your hands like these here. Watch this video clip and see how many sources of light you can spot. Can you think of any more?
  • Fitness : Bean game, have fun trying out these actions.

Home Learning

Wednesday 10th February

  • Teams Meeting : There’s no meeting today as poor Mrs Neal has lost her voice! However, there’s plenty of activities to get yourself involved with below. Have a great day and keep sending us your blog posts and photos of your work!
  • Let’s get ready for learning : try some shoulder rolls, big arm stretches, windmill swings and a little flossing ! Great ready to go.
  • Phonics: Letter formation b and B see here. Write these words; Group 1: bag bet bat. Group 2: bath bang bash bell. Group 3 – Brush blink, book, bar and beard.
  • CLIC : Lay your number cards on the floor in order, counting backwards from 10 to 0 and 20-0. Group 1 : Sing ‘5 currant buns in the baker’s shop’ and hide the number as they get eaten. Group 2 & 3 try saying the number 1 less than numbers within 10. 🌟 Challenge : double word problems. If I had 2 big bears and 2 little bears, how nay bears would there be altogether? Mrs Forman bought 4 cookies and Mrs. Neal bought 4 cookies. How many is that altogether?
  • Understanding the world : Object shadow link picture here. Draw around your toy shadows with paper and a pencil.
  • Fitness: Make an obstacle course in your bedroom and travel on your course without touching the floor 5 times. Did you get faster or slower?