Home Learning

Wednesday 6th January

  • Story read along
  • CLIC counting
  • Phonics
  • Drawing
  • Fitness

Story read: watch the video and pause it to read the words together. Now re-read the words. How many see words can you see? Can you find the words I and at ?

Counting how many objects can you count. Can you write the number too?

Phonics : Group 1 and 2 can you copy the words Green frog, yellow duck, black sheep. Group 3 Green frog, green grass, black feet, black sheep, green cup. Can you write these words using the ee digraph

Drawing : Brown bear, look carefully at the shapes, don’t forget his sharp claws !

Fitness : Which is your favourite? 🌟

Have fun everyone and remember to post a comment I look forward to hearing from you πŸ˜€ Mrs Neal

Home Learning

Tuesday 5th January

  • Reading
  • Craft
  • Phonics
  • CLIC
  • Fun facts

Listen to the story from yesterday again and see if you can recall the animals using the pictures below. Remember to say the colour too. Now decide which order they were in.

Make a bear hat – cut and stick

Phonics : Group 1 read and write the words below

Phonics : Group 2 and 3. Read the tricky words below. Now write the sentences – She was cross with me. Will it be me next? We can do it.

CLIC : Counting, how many can you see ? Now find the numeral to match.
🌟 Challenge count object in groups up to 15-20.

Click here to learn some Bear facts: which 3 are your favourites ?

Computer / app learning 🌟🌟 Education City App : a vast selection of fun games and activities for children to develop there skills and knowledge in a range of subjects. Personal log in details required.

I will send you all a Marvellous Me message to explain which phonics and number activities are best suited to your child’s home learning.

Please contact the office if you need any help.
Mrs Neal

Home Learning

Monday 4th January 2021

Hello everyone and a big welcome back to our home learning weekly blog.

We are using the topic of Bears to provide a starting place in our learning journey this term. Please take a look at our Spring term knowledge organiser to help you in your learning. It is on the previous page.

Have a listen to our book of the week. Brown bear Brown bear. How many animals and their colours can you recall ?

CLIC : Let’s chant numbers to 20, take care with those teen numbers. Now try some winter counting, or objects to touch count.

πŸ˜€ Phonics : Phase 2 recap your sounds using the mat are you ready to work on your next three sounds this week. Try listening for each sound in the words dog πŸ•, pig πŸ–, and duck πŸ¦† and write the words.

πŸ‘ 🌟Phonics : Phase 3 recap your sounds using the mat are you ready to work on your next 3 sounds this week. Now listen and say each of the sounds in green frog 🐸, yellow duck πŸ¦†. Write the sentence using your key words What do you see ? I see a …. looking at me.

Knowledge of the world Bear facts – what do you already know about bears? Use the question words and photographs below to help you think about bear facts.

what, where, when, how, why

Health and fitness : Yoga story Dinosaur


Talking about school

Here are some photos to help you talk about returning to school children. We are all so excited to be seeing you back in the classroom and garden area.
Do you remember the things we used to ?
What was your favourite?

Parent information on how to prepare your child to return to school. Click here