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Monday 18th January

  • Teams Meeting with Mrs Neal 9.30 am
  • Literacy : Book of the week with Mrs NealPolar bear, Polar Bear 🐻‍❄️ Listen to and join in with the story, talk about the sound words and make the animals sounds!

  • Phonics – Bear paw key words. Place your key words on bear paws around the room. Find a bear 🧸 to collect them with. Read to your bear. Group 1 words here, Group 2 words here, Group 3 words here ⭐️Challenge words
  • SAFE : shape videos Group 1 2D shape Group 2 and 3 3D shape
    Using this shape mat can you name and describe each of these shapes by counting the corners and edges too. Try making each of the shapes with straws, strips of paper or sticks in the garden.

  • Creative : How to draw a polar bear 🐻‍❄️ watch here and draw along. Remember if it doesn’t work first time try, try again.
  • Fitness Yoga, join in with Jamie, find a good space.



Hello children! I know lots of you are missing your friends so here they are. Can you think of something you like and are missing about each of your friends?

Home Learning

Friday 15th January

  • Literacy : Name write 3 times using the correct formation see here. 🌟 Challenge write each alphabet letter by checking the starting point for each letter and try on your own.
  • CLIC : Check your click scores on both sheets for this week. CLIC 1 here and CLIC 2 here . Keep chanting those numbers in tens, try stomping around as you say them.
  • Understanding the world : Take a look out of the window, or a walk in your garden and look for signs of winter. Seasons song enjoy and sing along
  • Fitness : Select 3 activities from the chart.

Home Learning

Thursday 14th January

  • Literacy : Bear facts, you should know a few now. See how many of these words you can use. Write some bear words or facts on a large bear paw.

  • Phonics : read and write , Group 1: letter d try writing in a tray of flour. Group 2: ng words Group 3: read and blend sounds with the or digraph, pause the video
  • CLIC : Number formation – write your numbers in order Group 1: 1-5, Group 2 : 1-15, Group 3 : 1-20 and work out these missing numbers
  • Fitness : Enjoy this video fitness with Andy

Home Learning

Wednesday 13th January

  • Literacy : Brown bear recap your new animals and colours. Now write a list, 3 or 5 🌟 challenge 8 animals !

  • Phonics : d how many words do you know beginning with d, duck. Write them on your duck paper.
  • CLIC : Group 1 order number cards to 5. Group 2 order your number cards to 12, Group 3 order your numbers to 20. Number card resource here.
  • Understanding the world : making play dough, watching changes, have fun making story book animals talking about their features with your dough.
  • Fine-motor development : Dough Disco with Mrs Neal video here.
Home Learning

Tuesday 12th January

  • Literacy : Think of 5 different animals we could use in the story and their colours, grey elephant etc. 🌟Add them to the sentence I see a … looking at me.

  • Phonics : Everyone to try the letter formation d here. Start in the correct place to draw your letter. Group 2; write dog dad dig. Group 3; drum, drag, drop.

  • CLIC : Group 1 use your fingers to count and show the numbers on request see here. Doubles – Group 2 see here Group 3 Doubles game
  • Creative : Looking closely talk about one of our 5 senses ‘to see’. Frog outline. Take a close look at this frog image can you add the details to your frog. You can use any materials you can find.

  • Fitness : Choose 3 fitness activities from the chart here.
Home Learning

Monday 11th January

Hello everyone, I hope you are ready to go today with your learning. We will be using the phonics play app this week click here for the log in instructions.

  • Phonics: Sound mat recap Group 1 and Group 2 and 3 Grab a giggling alien on Phonics play and select your phonic phase. Group 1 and 2 = phase 2, Group 3 = phase 3
  • Literacy: Join in with as many words as you can in this Brown Bear story . Look at this picture and see if you can match the colours. 🌟 Challenge for group 2 & 3 Write colour words; red, black, green etc.
  • CLIC: Counting songs
    Group 1 count to 10 here.
    Group 2 & 3 count to 20 here.
    Now try counting in 10s, try this song
  • Creative: Using either pencil, crayon or paint, colour a horse. Can you make different shades? Try more or less colouring, or adding different colours to blue paint.
  • Fitness: Find a space and join in with this Yoga story
Home Learning

Friday 8th January

Here are your learning activities for today Mars. Just click on the link for further information. I look forward to reading your comments on the blog.

  • Writing: write your name 3 times. Check your letter shapes using this formation sheet here. Did you form each letter correctly, are your capital letters taller than the others? Group 2 and 3 both names.
  • CLIC: Group 1 chant your numbers to 10 then 20. Group 2 & 3 learn to chant your numbers in 10s : 10, 20, 30, 40, & 50🌟Challenge – 60, 70, 80, 90, 100! Repeat several times using different voices.
  • Literacy : Group 1 Language development, to say the colour and animal name, retell the story to a teddy. Group 2 and 3 : watch the video and order the red bird sentence here.
  • Brown bear story song : Sing along here
  • Bear facts: how many bear facts do you know? Take a look at this picture to talk about what bears do, can you think of or find some more?
  • Fitness : select 3 fitness activities from here. Dance along to Can’t stop the Feeling

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Home Learning

Thursday 7th January

  • Phonics
  • Red bird … craft
  • CLIC
  • Writing
  • Singing

Group 1 video m sound

Group 2 video sh sound

Group 3 video ee sound can you write a list of ee words.

Can you look closely at the different colours on the red bird and make your own. You could add materiel to it too.

CLIC : Counting – how many now draw or point to the correct number.

Writing : Group 1 write the first letter sound for each animal Group 2 and 3 write the sentence below and draw a sheep.

Sing along to : The Seasons song