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Friday 29th January

  • Teams Meeting : with Mrs Neal 9.30 am bring along a small star ⭐️ and your bear. What do you know about Arctic animals ?
  • Literacy : Group 1 draw correctly lots of letter p, on your polar bear paper Group 2 & 3 Polar bear labels here. Make a bear den and read your favourite story to your toys.
  • Phonics : Everyone name write – draw your letters carefully starting in the correct position see here. Group 3 ear sound video 🌟 challenge now try writing the words in your purple book.
  • CLIC : Review your CLIC scores here please
    CLIC 1 and CLIC 2 please work on a question that was incorrect, try other examples of the question using other numbers.
  • Understanding the world : watch this video about your senses. We have been using several of our senses over the weeks to learn about bears winter and Arctic animals. Can you talk to your adult about what you have seen, what you have heard and touched ?
  • Fitness : Just wiggle ! Here

🌟 Have a good weekend everyone and remember to send me a message on this blog and some photos of your work. We look forward to seeing them every day.
Stay safe, Mrs Neal and the staff team.

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