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Thursday 28th January

  • Literacy : Itchy Bear story with Mrs Neal . Can you recall the names of the woodland creatures in order from the story. Who was the grumpiest? Who was the smallest? Who lived in the tree?
    Play this Arctic animal memory game again. Did you improve this time?
  • Phonics : Group 1 sound mat say each sound and picture name here find a letter you need to work on and draw 3 times and collect objects on a tray.
  • Group 2 and 3 play this game on phonics play login with jan21 password home. 🌟Group 3 challenge can you read these ear words
  • CLIC : Ordering numbers cards use your number cards to place them in order 1-5 / 1-10/ 1-15/ 1-20 🌟Challenge : select only 3 cards to order eg. 11, 5 20 and order them from smallest to largest, repeat with other numbers.
  • Creative : Arctic pictures : using your knowledge of Arctic animals why not collect paper or materials to make an Arctic picture or animal. Please send me a photograph to this email or show me on our Teams meeting tomorrow 🌟
  • Fitness : Bean game have fun trying out these actions.

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