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Wednesday 27th January

  • Literacy : key word write using this technique for each word. Group 1 ; 5 words -at on in it as is. Group 2; 5 words – cat can cap cot cut Group 3, 10 words – he she me be we my look like see play away
  • Phonics : Phonics : Phonics : Let’s continue making an alphabet book this week with the higher and lower case letters here is an idea or use this sheet to copy or colour. Talk about words beginning with H I J K Here is one of our favourite songs to help
  • CLIC : Half – to know and recall half numbers Pirate activity sharing equally. Let’s count our coins and half our numbers, make sure each Pirate has the same. Group 1 counting coins and giving the same number to each pirate. Group 2 &3 Half numbers to 10. 🌟Challenge half numbers 20 and recall half of 12 is … etc.
  • Understanding the world : Winter, watch this video to help you talk about winter. Pause the video and talk about the weather, the birds and animals and winter celebrations, and changes. Begin to think about the things you see, hear and feel by touch.
  • Fitness : Dance along to Jai Ho with Mrs Neal or play the music and make up your own moves!

2 replies on “Wednesday 27th January”

Harry enjoyed today’s tasks he liked watching the winter video and he tried hard to remember all the halves to 20.

Hi Harry, great to hear you are enjoying your learning at home and trying hard with your half numbers. A little every day and you will get there! I look forward to seeing you on Teams keep up the super work.
Thank you
Mrs Neal

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