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Friday 22nd January

  • Literacy: Polar bear book make with Mrs Neal here. You will need one sheet of paper, scissors, pencils to draw the animals or story images.
  • Phonics: Group 2- using the sounds and letters r and p find 3 things beginning for each sound see here
    Group 2 and 3 tricky words ⭐️Challenge write
  • ClIC : Let’s check your scores on CLIC 1 and CLIC 2. Group 1: Try this counting and matching to a number activity see here. Can you try numbers up to 12?
    Group 2 and 3 chant those numbers in 10s see here. Can you compare two numbers and say which is biggest or smallest? 🌟challenge 3 numbers.
  • Creative – Make a wintery picture, think about the colours you would use. Which colours are ‘cold’ colours?
    Now take a look out of a window at a tree. What do you notice about it?
    Here is an idea to get you started.

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