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Thursday 21st January

  • Literacy : Read along with the words in this story. Play the story again but this time play it without the sound. Pause the video and read the words, whilst pointing with your finger to each word.
    Group 1 and 2: Focus on the initial sounds in the words.
    Group 3: You will be able to read the key words; ‘do’, ‘you’ and I would like you to try to remember ‘my’.
  • CLIC:
    Group 1: Count and number match see this picture. Group 2 and 3: Make a number line with your number cards. Play a ‘guess my missing number game’. You need to hide one or two numbers in the line see example here.
  • Knowledge and understanding: Caring for birds in winter when the ground is frozen. Make a simple bird feeder with cereal, or try with something else, here is an example; apple
  • Fitness : Let’s see where Andy is going today: The Arctic

5 replies on “Thursday 21st January”

Harry did really well with his clic work today and also did some sums too. He managed to read a lot of the sentences as well.

Hello Harry,
That is really good to hear. Keep up the good work, you could make your own sentences with your key word cards too.
Well done we our so proud of you 🌟

Hello mrs Neal from Billy I made some bird feeders today to put on my tree in my garden it was really fun
I have been counting and matching pictures to the number, I like doing that.

Hi Billy
Wow, that’s great to hear. We had fun making them at school too. Keep working on your numbers Billy you are doing a super job. 🌟

Well done Billy. It sounds like you are having fun and learning lots at the same time. Keep up the good work!

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