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Wednesday 20th January

  • Literacy : Group 1 Mrs Neal Children to say animal colour and name. Group 2 and 3 to think of words that describe 3 of your favourite story book animals. Here are the pictures to help you.
  • CLIC : Doubles recording sheet, Group 1 1+1, 2+2 Group 2 and 3, 3+3 , 4+4 , & 5+5 🌟Group 3 challenge 6+6, 7+7 8+8 9+9 10+10. Check your number formation here and answers.
  • Understanding the world : Polar bear facts watch the power point again and see how many facts you can remember. 🌟Challenge : Can you send me 3 more facts and copy write them in your book under a polar bear picture.

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Harry found 3 new facts about polar bears.
1. They can run 25mph
2. They live alone
3. They sleep in pits in the snow
He enjoyed thinking of questions about polar bears to find the answers too.
He also completed the doubles challenge too using a number line for the ones he couldn’t remember

hello Mrs Neal Luella loved making the bird feeder she keeps looking outside to see if they have been, she loves the morning waiting for 9.30 to see you and the other children .

Hello Luella, I am so glad you enjoyed making the bird feeder. I hope the garden birds enjoy it soon, keep watching!I am so glad you are joining the teams meeting, it is so lovely to see everyone. Take care, stay safe, and I will see you on Monday 😀

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