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Tuesday 19th January

  • Literacy : listen and join in with the story here. Let’s try writing some animals names with Mrs Neal in your purple book, you can draw a picture too🦩
  • Phonics : Letter formation r, say this formation. chant, down back up the stick and over stop. Group 1 Group 2 & 3. Now write the words; red, rip, rat, rot and drip in your purple books
  • SAFE : Take a look at and join in with the shape video. Group 1 creating patterns with shapes. Describing 3D shape. Now go on a naming and describing shape hunt around the house and count how many you found. Which shape is the hardest to find?

  • Understanding the world : Polar bears πŸ»β€β„οΈ watch this power point and see if you can answer the questions and remember the facts.
  • Fitness: Mrs Neal does Frozen. Find a space. Grab a scarf, clean duster or tea towel and have fun moving to Frozen music. Try it again and make up your own moves.

7 replies on “Tuesday 19th January”

Hello Mrs Neal and Mars children, We have had a great day today. We really enjoyed seeing everyone on the Teams meeting today and wave to you all with our bears. We completed our r phonics today and have written some words in our purple books. We wrote some animal names from the story. We have played outside on the scooters and bikes and made 2D shapes with the sticks. After lunch we did the Frozen dance and looked at some 3D shapes, we talked about the shapes and looked at all the special things they have; faces, edges and vertices. We are also very good at remembering the Polar Bear facts from the PowerPoint.
We miss you all πŸ˜€

Hi Mars and Mrs Neal! I hope you are all well. Luella-Rose has done todays work and enjoyed putting this into her purple book. She decided that her animal was going to be a Lion, she also drew a picture of a lion in her book with her daddy’s help. Luella ran around the house hunting for shapes and found plenty, she wrote what they were in her purple book. Luella is looking forward to tomorrows work. Have a nice afternoon.

Hello Luella great to see your message on the blog. Thank you and well done for getting your work done today and in your purple book.🌟. You could join our Teams meeting this week and see me and lots of your friends. Help is available at the school office it would be great to see you. πŸ˜€

Sorry we missed the meeting this morning, we had to go on a trip to the dentist. Grayson tried really hard with his phonics writing, he sounded them out before he wrote them. He really liked the power point and cant wait to tell Daddy all of the polar bear facts when he gets home.

Hi Grayson, I hope you got sorted at the dentist. We will be meeting tomorrow and you can bring your bear. Well done for sounding out. I am glad you liked the powerpoint, I hope your daddy is impressed with your facts too. Take care and see you tomorrow if you can πŸ˜€

Harry really enjoyed learning the different polar bear facts. He wrote a few different animals from the story in his purple book too.

Hi Harry, that’s great to hear you, well done 🌟 I loved seeing you bear this morning. πŸ˜€

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