Arctic animal week

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Home Learning

Friday 29th January

  • Teams Meeting : with Mrs Neal 9.30 am bring along a small star ⭐️ and your bear. What do you know about Arctic animals ?
  • Literacy : Group 1 draw correctly lots of letter p, on your polar bear paper Group 2 & 3 Polar bear labels here. Make a bear den and read your favourite story to your toys.
  • Phonics : Everyone name write – draw your letters carefully starting in the correct position see here. Group 3 ear sound video 🌟 challenge now try writing the words in your purple book.
  • CLIC : Review your CLIC scores here please
    CLIC 1 and CLIC 2 please work on a question that was incorrect, try other examples of the question using other numbers.
  • Understanding the world : watch this video about your senses. We have been using several of our senses over the weeks to learn about bears winter and Arctic animals. Can you talk to your adult about what you have seen, what you have heard and touched ?
  • Fitness : Just wiggle ! Here

🌟 Have a good weekend everyone and remember to send me a message on this blog and some photos of your work. We look forward to seeing them every day.
Stay safe, Mrs Neal and the staff team.

Home Learning

Thursday 28th January

  • Literacy : Itchy Bear story with Mrs Neal . Can you recall the names of the woodland creatures in order from the story. Who was the grumpiest? Who was the smallest? Who lived in the tree?
    Play this Arctic animal memory game again. Did you improve this time?
  • Phonics : Group 1 sound mat say each sound and picture name here find a letter you need to work on and draw 3 times and collect objects on a tray.
  • Group 2 and 3 play this game on phonics play login with jan21 password home. 🌟Group 3 challenge can you read these ear words
  • CLIC : Ordering numbers cards use your number cards to place them in order 1-5 / 1-10/ 1-15/ 1-20 🌟Challenge : select only 3 cards to order eg. 11, 5 20 and order them from smallest to largest, repeat with other numbers.
  • Creative : Arctic pictures : using your knowledge of Arctic animals why not collect paper or materials to make an Arctic picture or animal. Please send me a photograph to this email or show me on our Teams meeting tomorrow 🌟
  • Fitness : Bean game have fun trying out these actions.

Home Learning

Wednesday 27th January

  • Literacy : key word write using this technique for each word. Group 1 ; 5 words -at on in it as is. Group 2; 5 words – cat can cap cot cut Group 3, 10 words – he she me be we my look like see play away
  • Phonics : Phonics : Phonics : Let’s continue making an alphabet book this week with the higher and lower case letters here is an idea or use this sheet to copy or colour. Talk about words beginning with H I J K Here is one of our favourite songs to help
  • CLIC : Half – to know and recall half numbers Pirate activity sharing equally. Let’s count our coins and half our numbers, make sure each Pirate has the same. Group 1 counting coins and giving the same number to each pirate. Group 2 &3 Half numbers to 10. 🌟Challenge half numbers 20 and recall half of 12 is … etc.
  • Understanding the world : Winter, watch this video to help you talk about winter. Pause the video and talk about the weather, the birds and animals and winter celebrations, and changes. Begin to think about the things you see, hear and feel by touch.
  • Fitness : Dance along to Jai Ho with Mrs Neal or play the music and make up your own moves!

Home Learning

Tuesday 26th January

  • Teams Meeting : with Mrs Neal 9.30 am bring along something to show and tell related to bears.
  • Understanding the world : Arctic animals, take a look at this video and learn the Arctic animal names and more interesting facts.
  • Phonics : Phonics : Let’s continue making an alphabet book this week with the higher and lower case letters here is an outdoor idea or use this sheet to copy or colour. Talk about words beginning with D E F G. Here is one of our favourite songs to help
  • Fitness : Bean game have fun trying out these actions.

Home Learning

Monday 25th January

  • Teams meeting : Mrs Neal 9.30 am bring along your ears and a yes no card and your bear.
  • Literacy : Join in with the Polar bear book with Mrs Neal and think of some other animals and their sounds. Group 1 – try some farm or pet animals, Group 2 & 3 -Any .
  • Phonics : Let’s begin making an alphabet book this week with the higher and lower case letters here is one idea or use this sheet to colour. Talk about words beginning with A B C. Here is one of our favourite songs to help.
  • CLIC : Number formation here Group 1 :Counting here Group 2 & group 3 count and then double each number here.
  • Understanding the world: Go on a sound walk around the house and garden. Sit down in each place and close your eyes, now listen 👂 and draw a picture or write a word in each box in your purple book like this. Don’t forget to share your favourite sound. * Bird feeder check – have the birds been feeding in your garden? Do you need to add some more food?
Home Learning

Friday 22nd January

  • Literacy: Polar bear book make with Mrs Neal here. You will need one sheet of paper, scissors, pencils to draw the animals or story images.
  • Phonics: Group 2- using the sounds and letters r and p find 3 things beginning for each sound see here
    Group 2 and 3 tricky words ⭐️Challenge write
  • ClIC : Let’s check your scores on CLIC 1 and CLIC 2. Group 1: Try this counting and matching to a number activity see here. Can you try numbers up to 12?
    Group 2 and 3 chant those numbers in 10s see here. Can you compare two numbers and say which is biggest or smallest? 🌟challenge 3 numbers.
  • Creative – Make a wintery picture, think about the colours you would use. Which colours are ‘cold’ colours?
    Now take a look out of a window at a tree. What do you notice about it?
    Here is an idea to get you started.
Home Learning

Thursday 21st January

  • Literacy : Read along with the words in this story. Play the story again but this time play it without the sound. Pause the video and read the words, whilst pointing with your finger to each word.
    Group 1 and 2: Focus on the initial sounds in the words.
    Group 3: You will be able to read the key words; ‘do’, ‘you’ and I would like you to try to remember ‘my’.
  • CLIC:
    Group 1: Count and number match see this picture. Group 2 and 3: Make a number line with your number cards. Play a ‘guess my missing number game’. You need to hide one or two numbers in the line see example here.
  • Knowledge and understanding: Caring for birds in winter when the ground is frozen. Make a simple bird feeder with cereal, or try with something else, here is an example; apple
  • Fitness : Let’s see where Andy is going today: The Arctic
Home Learning

Wednesday 20th January

  • Literacy : Group 1 Mrs Neal Children to say animal colour and name. Group 2 and 3 to think of words that describe 3 of your favourite story book animals. Here are the pictures to help you.
  • CLIC : Doubles recording sheet, Group 1 1+1, 2+2 Group 2 and 3, 3+3 , 4+4 , & 5+5 🌟Group 3 challenge 6+6, 7+7 8+8 9+9 10+10. Check your number formation here and answers.
  • Understanding the world : Polar bear facts watch the power point again and see how many facts you can remember. 🌟Challenge : Can you send me 3 more facts and copy write them in your book under a polar bear picture.
Home Learning

Tuesday 19th January

  • Literacy : listen and join in with the story here. Let’s try writing some animals names with Mrs Neal in your purple book, you can draw a picture too🦩
  • Phonics : Letter formation r, say this formation. chant, down back up the stick and over stop. Group 1 Group 2 & 3. Now write the words; red, rip, rat, rot and drip in your purple books
  • SAFE : Take a look at and join in with the shape video. Group 1 creating patterns with shapes. Describing 3D shape. Now go on a naming and describing shape hunt around the house and count how many you found. Which shape is the hardest to find?

  • Understanding the world : Polar bears 🐻‍❄️ watch this power point and see if you can answer the questions and remember the facts.
  • Fitness: Mrs Neal does Frozen. Find a space. Grab a scarf, clean duster or tea towel and have fun moving to Frozen music. Try it again and make up your own moves.