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Fun Friday! 18th December

πŸŽ„Christmas celebration day πŸŽ„

A Christmas storyJoJo & Gran Gran

CLIC : halving. If I gave half of my pies to Mrs Forman how many would I have left?

Can you tell me half of six ?

Fitness : Santa Dash

πŸŽ„We all hope you have very Merry Christmas and hope you all stay safe and well. πŸŽ„
Thank you for your super support and kindness throughout this unusual time.
We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year 2021 !
Mrs Neal and all the FSU and school staff

Home Learning

Thursday 17th December

  • Phonics
  • CLIC counting / halving
  • Creative make a wreath
  • Sing and sign

Phonics: Group 1 try listening for these initial sounds.

Say and find the missing letter to these words

Group 2 and 3 try this activity.

CLIC : πŸ˜€ everyone count and find the number. Groups 2 & 3πŸ‘ 🌟 halving.

Christmas crafts Have a go at making a wreath with your hands. Listen to the instructions.

Christmas Alphabet song enjoy singing and signing

A Christmas story : enjoy listening to this story

Home Learning

Wednesday 16th December

  • A Christmas story
  • Phonics : tricky word read and write
  • CLIC : order numbers
  • Instructions – make a party hat
  • Creative : sing and sign
  • Christmas celebrations

Enjoy a good Christmas story can you recall all the different transport Santa used ?

Phonics : Group 1 play ‘I spy’ with your sound cards look for things beginning with s a t sock etc. Group 2 : Can you read these words and write them too? Group 3 : Phase 3 and sentence write ; I go into the shop. She was sad. He will not go to bed.

Phase 2-5 Tricky Word Mat | Teaching Resources

CLIC : make your own Advent calendar colour, cut and stick numbers in order.

Instructions How to make a paper hat. Pause the video ask your child to repeat back the instruction as you make your hat. Allow your child to make it as independently as possible.

Creative : learn the song and signs

Celebrations with Topsy and Tim at Christmas

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Tuesday 15th December

  • Phonics
  • CLIC Christmas counting
  • Christmas song
  • Yoga exercise – Christmas

Learning letter names and sounds sing along to the ABC song here. Look at the picture below and say what you see. πŸ˜€Group 1 can you hear and write the first sound πŸ‘ 🌟Group 2 and 3 can you write the three sounds you hear in the word. Remember to say each one slowly.⭐️Challenge make and write a sentence with 5 of the words.

CLIC : πŸ˜€πŸ‘Christmas counting and colouring. 🌟 Can you halve any of these numbers equally?

CreativeChristmas song, sing along to the words. Then tap along with a steady beat using a wooden spoon.

Yoga exercise – Christmas

Home Learning

Monday 14th December

  • Story time
  • Phonic – sounds
  • Phonic – reading words
  • CLIC – number counting and matching game
  • Creative – paper chain
  • Fitness with Andy

Listen and enjoy the Christmas story A Christmas story

Phonics : πŸ˜€ πŸ‘Group 1 and 2 can you recognise and say your all of these sounds. Try this activity

Reading words – Group 2 πŸ‘ and 3 ⭐️ Have fun blending sounds to read words please select the correct level for your child. Buried treasure

CLIC : counting and matching game . Check how well you are doing on your CLIC scores did you score 10 out of 10 ⭐️

Creative : make a paper chain. Using paper, your scissors and glue have fun making a paper chain. (Great fine motor activity for your fingers).

Fitness : Have fun exercising with Andy up in the air.

Home Learning

Friday 11th December

  • Reading : share a book
  • Phonics: sound blend
  • CLIC : halving numbers pirate treasure game
  • Creative : Make a star
  • Fitness fun : yoga πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

Reading : Share a favourite book together and talk about why things happened … children to use because as they reply.

Phonics : πŸ˜€ Group 1 : s a t p i n Join in with this video πŸ‘ Group 2 : g o c k r m d Join in with these words 🌟 Group 3 : Blending sounds digraph sounds

Halving : treasure game. To help you learn halving numbers let’s partition them equally using a mat. Remember they must be equal amounts. Both pirates must have the same. Now shout them out in your pirate voice. Group 1 πŸ˜€ half of 2 is 1, Group 2 πŸ‘ half of 4 is 2, half of 6, 8, 10 is ? Group 3 🌟 Half of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

Can you choose 2 , 4 or 6 coins to halve.

Creative: Make a rustic star from sticks. Decorate as you choose. 🌟 Talk about the importance of the star in the nativity story.

Make a rustic star ⭐️

Fitness fun : yoga story. Have a go at this family fun yoga session.

Home Learning

Thursday 10th December

  • Phonics : read and write rhyme words
  • Teach my monster to read app : set 1
  • CLIC : halving
    The Nativity
  • Creative – Make an activity scene
  • Communication : Talk how to make
  • Understanding the world : beliefs Christianity retell the story.

Phonics : read and find the matching rhyme word. Group 1 Recap phase 2 letter sounds.
Group 2 πŸ‘ and 3 🌟 Write the rhyming string with ag words.

Reading: Teach my Monster to read. Please log in and work through level 1.

Sign in with your password and work through your level

Halves : let’s halve numbers by partitioning them equally. Place 2 counters on the left hand side square now move half to the square on the right at the top and half to the square at the bottom. πŸ‘ Try with numbers 4 6 and 8. Say as you go half of 2 is 1. Half of 4 is 2 and half of six is 3. (parents you could use 3 plates and some cereal) 🌟 try half of 8 and 10 and 12 !

Creative : using cardboard cylinders to make a nativity scene

Communication : Retell the story with your characters.

Parents please contact us at the school office if you need any help accessing learning.
Please post a blog message we love hearing from you.
πŸŽ„ Thank you Mrs Neal πŸŽ„

Home Learning

Wednesday 9th December

  • Reading & writing : story words
  • Phonics : Learning names and sounds
  • Writing : name write / sentences
  • Understanding the world– The Christmas Story
  • Creative : making angel decorations
  • Online learning – Education City challenge

Reading : Here are some Christmas words to read and write Use your phonic knowledge to help you, begin with the initial letter sound. There are some digraphs in their too. Can you see theses digraphs sounds; ng in king, and ar in star, sh, and ee,

Phonics: alphabet letter match. Group 1 πŸ˜€ Say the sounds and word. Group 2 πŸ‘ match the sounds, letter names and words.
Group 3 🌟 as above challenge both sheets

Halving numbers: Group 2 & 3 πŸ‘ 🌟 using 2 dice add together double the spots then say the number now halve them by removing one dice. β€˜Half of 12 is 6’

Double 6 is ?

Counting spots : Group 1 πŸ˜€ Roll and count the spots on a single dice accurately. Try doing that many claps or jumps.

Creative : making angels, 3D shape cones

Home Learning

Tuesday 8th December

  • Writing : words and name
  • Phonics : recap sounds read words with sounds
  • CLIC : halves
  • Understanding the world – The Christian celebration.
  • Creative : Design and make a Christmas card

Writing : make a Christmas card insert. πŸŽ„Write, Happy or Merry Christmas, with love from and your name. Remember those capital letters.

Phonics : ABC song sounds and names, make some cards and put them in order.

CLIC – Halving : is the opposite of doubling. Take an apple 🍎 or orange and cut it into half, two equal parts. We say this is half. Watch this video What can you half ? Remember it has to be two equal parts. Numbers can be halved. Group 2 and 3 πŸ‘πŸŒŸ can you work out half of these amounts in the pictures below. Drawing a cross and circle can help, decide who is the cross, say one for me and cross it out. Other person says one for me and circles the picture. Half of 2 is? half of 6 ? Half of 4 is ? Say the answers several times to help it stick in your memory.

Christmas : Watch the video The Christian celebration. Can you talk about what you have started to do to celebrate Christmas. In school we have an advent candle and a tree. How many candles will be lit this week ?

Design and make a Christmas card : Thinking about Christmas design and make a card. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Have a great day children, we are looking forward to seeing your work in school. Please contact the school office if you need any help. Don’t forget there is an Education city challenge and you can try Teach my monster to read. πŸ˜€

Home Learning

Monday 7th December

  • Reading : Listen to and talk about events
  • Phonics : Alphabet name and sound match
  • CLIC : doubles
  • Monster app : reading games set 1
  • Fitness & Dessert Knowledge with Andy
  • Creative – Dot art

Reading : Listen to the Christmas story. Using the character pictures below can you talk about what happened in the story.

Talking pictures

Phonics : Group 1 πŸ˜€ : Play splat my sound cards, shout the letter card sound as you splat with a large spoon.
Group 2 πŸ‘ & Group 3 🌟, try matching sounds and names.

Number : Doubles: This week we will recap our doubles so we know the answers to double 1 2 3 4 5. Using your fingers like in the picture below and say your double numbers. Remember β€˜double’ means the same again. When you know the answer you won’t need to keep counting 🌟

Read : Teach your Monster to Read Game 1 First steps. These activities will unlock your next level. Enjoy the fun a minimum of 20 minutes per week will support your learning. (Don’t forget to login with your code and problems contact the school office).

Fitness and Dessert Knowledge : Here is Andy to get you moving and help you learn about deserts 🏜

Creative – Painting or felt tip pens, fun dot art. We are exploring patterns in art. Try making some dot art pictures. You can even work on your doubles too by folding the paper over to get the same number again!