Thursday 19th November

  • Reading : story recall
  • Writing : my name
  • Phonics :
  • CLIC : number recognition and formation
  • Creative – drawing skeletons using chalk
  • Understanding the world– Hinduism / Diwali

Using the pictures recall the story in words and sentences. (Ask where, who, what, when why questions). If you need help listen to the story again.

Name writing : use shaving foam, chalk or paint. Take care with your letter formation.

Place value – make a rocket and place the numbers correctly in order. Reverse counting 10 to zero. Rocket count down

Creative – make a chalk skeletons, name the bones as you draw.

Understanding the World – other cultures Hinduism

Have a great day everyone 😀 please ask a question or leave a comment and you can send in your photos to the school office.

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