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Friday 20th November

  • Reading: – recall story
  • Phonics – letter sound / key word recall
  • CLIC – doubles
  • Creative – dance
  • Knowledge and understanding – skeleton parts

Reading : recall story book in a dark dark … there was a dark dark …

Phonics Group 2 & 3 key words read and write letter sounds today and blend. 👍 We can hop. She is big. 🌟I will be strong. He was in the box. Make a set of tricky words to remember, place them on your stairs and read them every time you go up or down. Group 1 Put your letter cards on the stairs s a t, p i n, etc. or wall and say the sound every time you go past. Key words it at is on

CLIC : Doubles game using a dice / or number cards. Double that number.

Creative : Have fun with your Skeleton song and dance. Can you make your own skeleton moves.

Knowledge and Understanding: can you label or point to the bones in this skeleton using these words from the song.

Wow what a busy week ! I hope you have enjoyed learning about skeletons. Remember you can repeat any of the activities to help your learning. We always say in FSU ‘try try again’.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Mrs Neal

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