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Monday 12th October 2020

Hello everyone, letโ€™s recap and remind ourselves of the amazing learning in Mars this term. ๐Ÿ˜€

Number (CLIC) Say, and recognise numbers to 10. Count accurately, say the double and and halves of numbers!

I can recognise and talk about 2D shapes.

Phonics Be able to recognise and write correctly the sounds; s a t, p i n, m d, g o c k
Be able to read simple words by blending the sounds above e.g. at, in, on, as.
Be able to blend the sounds to make or read any cvc word e.g. tin, get, cat, dog etc.

Have some fun by using some shaving foam

Recognise by sight these tricky words

I can talk about emotions and why I am special

Home Learning Information

Learning in FSU

Many of you want to know what it is we are teaching your children this term besides Phonics, Reading, Writing and Number.
We have a further 13 areas of learning in FSU. PE is another and health and self care also. We are using the ‘Iโ€™m Special’ title to tie our learning together for this Autumn term. A key learning area is having a Knowledge and understanding of the world. So, to help you to assist your child at home, here are some of the things we will be learning about. Please have a go at any of the activities and support your child to learn the new vocabulary and interesting facts.

Here is our knowledge organiser

If you have any questions we will be happy to help. Just drop me a comment!


Apple Week

Learning this week Monday 5th October

We are talking about apples harvest and the Jewish festival of Sukkot

We will be counting apples, comparing sizes using the words big, bigger, biggest and small, smallest and smaller. Can you put them in order.

Try experimenting with apples to find out which one roll faster. ๐ŸŽ

Phonics – Recap s a t p i n d m sounds. Go on a initial sound hunt and find objects beginning with each of the sounds. Challenge to find sounds at the end of the words!

Keep chanting your days of the week in order too!