Take 5 Breathing Week 2

Week 2 of Take 5 Breathing. Here are the links:

Basic – Grounding Breathing Practice

Simple – Painting Breathing

Imagination and Movement – Apple Breathing

The password will be sent by text to parent/carers today.

Home Learning

Thursday 30th April

Good morning Mars 😀

⭐️ 🎸 🥁 🎤  Talent Show  🎤 🥁 🎸 ⭐️  
Last chance today to sing or dance for the Priory Talent show. The teachers are so excited to see what you can do. We have lots of talent in Mars so be confident to have a go. Take a look back at our blogs for song or dance ideas.Forward your little phone videos to the school office.

Reading: Change your reading book day, and comprehension games. Select a book of your choice from your book band, enjoy reading . Keep blending the sounds in unfamiliar words or recall your key words depending on the word.  Collins on line – school password and your details

Key word read: Place your key words on the stairs, or on the floor. Shout them out every time you go up or jump over. Try a Teach My Monster to read game. Use your code and password, any problems let me know.

Look carefully at the line patterns drawn

Art : In your purple book, sketch a tortoise. Here is some help to get you started. How to draw a pencil sketch of a tortoise when you have the shape add the line patterns. Concentrate and take your time. No colours needed today.

Can you chant your numbers in 10s to 100.

Write your numbers to 10 or 20 independently. Check and correct any using the number line below. Remember best number writing in your purple book thank you. Count on and back on a number line.

CLIC : Can you help me solve my problems ? There were 4 sunflowers in the garden yesterday 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 and 3🌻🌻🌻 more popped out, how many will I have now ?
I have 5 bananas 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 and my children ate 2 bananas how many will be left? (Use your fingers, counters or your number line above if you need to). Try making some of your own.
Online: Sumdog password mars2020 I have set you a Challenge to complete by Sunday so have a go, a MME badge is waiting ⭐️. Take your time and get your answers correct.

Knowledge and understanding: How many opposites can you recall now with an example. Fast and slow – slow like a tortoise and fast like a hare. Keep thinking, if you get 6 pairs you have done well. 10 is fantastic ⭐️.

Remember when … talk about things you remember.

Breathing Find something soft to hold, cotton wool, a silk scarf, a ribbon 🎀. Now go to your quiet space and moment, sit comfortably. Take 5 slow breathes in through your nose and very slowly out through your mouth to the music. With your item move it from your forehead slowly down to your stomach repeat slowly 2 times. Stroke your palm from wrist to finger tips. Begin at the shoulder move your object down the arm. Change hands and repeat. Gently allow the object to brush the skin. Notice how you feel.😌 Now close your eyes and think of a happy place you would like to be in, take five slow breaths then open your eyes. Enjoy your day children 😀 Talk about the different feelings you have had during your day, when doing different activities. Excited / calm, happy / grumpy, confident / worried.

Physical Activity : control and co-ordination. 1. Throw to a target, 2. Catch using a container. 3. Move an object using a handled tool towards a target.

Thank you for all your comments on the blog keep sending them in or a picture of your activity children.
Stay safe Mrs Neal 😀🌈

Home Learning

Wednesday 29th April

Talent Show Please send in your videos today children we can’t wait to see you.

Get a grown up to video your song, dance, jokes or other talent you have. Try videoing your music or dance session today!

Thank you children for sending in your certificate pictures.
Please keep sending them to the office if you would like to be on the blog. We are so proud of you all !

Phonics: Hello children here is your phase 3 sound mat. Listen carefully to the sounds and try and make as many of the sounds that you can. Now teach them to your teddies or grown ups. 🧸

Purple book activity: Mrs Neal’s group : Sentence write – Fizz went the pop. The shell is on the ship.
Mrs Forman’s group : Sentence write – My pop was very fizzy today. I think it might rain today. I hear the birds singing. How many digraph did you use? Highlight them with a pen.

CLIC: Counting on using a number line.
Review: place a counter on number 4 and count on 4 places all by yourself. What number did you stop on ?
please repeat counting on until the children are confident.
🏆 Challenge today to count back using a number line. Listen to my instructions below. Use your fingers or counters to check your answers.

Click here to view Counting back on a number line to 10.

Now try the subtractions: 3-1= 4-1= 6-2= 10-1= 8-2 =

Yoga today is …

Understanding the world
Let’s take look at the sunflower today🌻. Look carefully at the pictures below, what has changed today?

Talk about what a seed needs to grow. Which of these things do you think will help the seed grow?
☀️ 🧀 ❄️ 🌧 🌜 🥛 The sunflower seed is growing slowly a little each day. ! Now draw today’s sunflower labelling the soil, stem, small leaves bigger leaves. Take a look at this sunflower video clip which has speeded up v=eKo5F87A8a0&feature=share

Design and make your own instrument to play on music day. I know how much many of you love to play guitars.

Music: have a go at making some fast and slow music. This is a great tune to use a shaker, grab an empty plastic bottle, place some dry rice inside or something that will rattle and off you go. See if you can play along to is the sailors hornpipe. Turn the volume down and try and play it fast and softly!

Hello friends, great to see you today! Think about who is your school friend and what makes them a good friend?

Dancing helps chase the blues away as well as keeping you fit and healthy so grab a duster or scarf and ‘let it go’ (send in your video !).

Home Learning

Tuesday 28th April

Come and join me at the dough disco children, grab your dough and here we go!

Phonics: In your purple book. Mrs Neals group: key words Using your key words below write a simple sentence. Help me up. She is big. We can hop. It was fun. Help me up.
Mrs Forman’s group: We are all good at jumping. They like to look at me. My mum if fantastic.
Can you make your own sentence, choose a word and off you go. Phonics: phonicsplay Login march20

Reading: Change your reading book day, and comprehension games. Select a book of your choice from your book band, enjoy reading your book. Remember why do we do phonics? to read words. Why do we read words ? So we can read books. Why do we read books because they’re FUN ! Remember to blend the sounds in unfamiliar words or recall your key words depending on the word.  Collins on line – school password

CLIC: Chant your numbers in 10s to 100 using opposites loud/quiet, fast/ slow, happy/grumpy. Now your doubles 1-5 or more!

Using your number line again let’s count forward touching each number carefully.
⭐️ Counting on to work out: 5+5= 6+4= 7+3= 8+2= 9+1= What do you notice?
Counting on

⭐️Try the counting on task we did yesterday using numbers to 20 if you feel confident. Point and say your numbers first then try the number sums 11+1= 13 +1= 17+1= 12+2= 14+2= 15+3= 11+4= 15+5 = ⭐️ Try, try again up to 10 and have another go with the sums 3+2= 5+1= 8+2 = 7+1= Remember best number writing in your purple book thank you. Online: Sumdog password mars2020

SAFE Challenge: Choose a favourite toy and let’s take them on an opposites positions adventure. In the house or garden make your toy go on/ under, in/out, up/down, infront/behind, high/low, full / half turn Shout them out as they move!

Design and make : Blow football. Make a small ball from paper or foil, a set of goals from bricks or objects. Test you ball, blow using a straw, Make fast slow cards to read, select a card and blow, fast or slow. Have a competition, play a game of blow football. (my favourite is to use Malteasers!😃)

Breathing to regulate your emotions. Take a garden leaf, 🍃 a piece of ribbon 🎀 a feather or something soft. Find a quiet space and moment, sit comfortably. Take 5 slow breathes in through your nose and very slowly out through your mouth to the music. With your item move it from your forehead slowly down to your stomach repeat slowly 2 times. Stroke your palm from wrist to finger tips. Begin at the shoulder move your object done the arm. Change hands and repeat. Gently allow the object to brush the skin. Notice how you feel.😌 Talk about different feeling you have had during your day, doing different activities. Excited/ calm, happy sad, confident/ worried.

Non-fiction : Hare and tortoise facts, can you think of or find out 3- 5 facts about each animal and record them in your purple book eg. Hares have long ears.

⭐️ 🎸 🥁 🎤 Talent Show 🎤 🥁 🎸 ⭐️
2 Days to go !!!! Songs to sing or dance to. Take a look back at our blogs or for some ideas.
Sing : The opposites song, 3D shape song, the Humpty Dumpty rap. Dance : To the car wash, Dance monkey or try your Frozen scarf dance to Let it go! Walking in the jungle Jokes: see Friday blog.
We love ‘singing hands’ check out their page too.
Forward your little phone videos to the school office.

Enjoy your day children and adults, remember we are here if you need further advice.

Home Learning

Monday 27th April

Good morning Mars !

I hope you are ready for a new week of learning from home and you received your new purple book too.
Let’s begin by congratulating you all for staying home with your grown ups to help keep us all safe. (Please send in a photo holding your certificate if you can.)

Dominik and Abigail have sent in their super llama designs, well done children ⭐️

Book of the week: The Hare and the Tortoise.
Does the fastest runner always win? Does winning always matter? Who do you think would make a good friend and why?
Don’t forget, you can use your teach my monster to read app.

Phonics Phase 2: Please point to and say your letter sounds and name the pictures. Here is a sound video to help you:

Purple book: write the words peg, pen, hop, hen, leg, top. Now try the sentence: Say and repeat the sentence x 3 and now take your pencil to write the sounds you hear (not my)
I can hop on my leg’

Phase 3 phonics: point to and say your letter sounds and name the pictures, “j is for jet” keep going as far as you can. We looked at the ‘qu‘ digraph last week, today we will look at the digraph zz. Words to write: buzz, fizz, jazz, fuzzy, can you think of any more? Now write the sentence: The bee went buzz, buzz, buzz. 🐝
Mrs Forman’s group : The boy said I hear a buzz 🐝 Online:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Phase-3-Sound-Mat-plain-background-1-1024x725-1.jpg

CLIC: Counting on, using a number line, writing numbers correctly. Please see and listen to the demonstration and use the number formation sheet below.

CLIC: Purple book – Draw your number line carefully (parents pleas draw a straight line with even spaces for numbers you may wish to turn the book landscape) Point and say numbers 1-10 forwards then backwards 10-0.
Now try addition, adding 1 to any number up to 9 then try adding 2 any number up to 8, then 3 etc. Please ensure the answer is always less than 10 today.
Password: mars2020


Understanding the World: Take a close look at a sunflower seedling. Has it changed, what is different? Draw a picture of the changes you have observed. Add the labels stem and leaves.

Opposites song fast and slow action song find a good space!

Art and Design: Fast and slow – play some fast and slow music to paint along to. If you have some marbles/small balls you could roll them in paint. Drop them on paper placed on a baking tray. Can you roll it slow or fast ? watch the colours merge, choose red, blue and yellow, and see what colours you can make. Have fun everyone!

Please contact me at: if you wish to send a photo for the blog or have anything at all that you think I might be able to help you with. We hope to speak to you all again on Tuesday or Thursday. Many thanks to you once again Mrs Neal and the FSU team. 😀🌈


To cheer you up !

Lots of you have said you are missing your friends, teachers and FSU so here are just a few photos to cheer you up.

Please keep sending in your photos for our blog or let me know if you would like to be in the next gallery. Anything you wish to send into school should be sent to:

Home Learning

Let’s have a fun, funky, fabulous Friday 24.04.2020

Have a good Pokemon stretch to activate your brain.
Which of these llamas in pyjamas do you think is the funniest?
Now it’s your turn to draw one in your purple book, the funnier the better!

Phonics: Place each of your key words or Aa letter cards on the floor and jump over them shouting them out or if you prefer play the splat game. Luca enjoyed his Splat game yesterday and went on to use numbers too. Write or copy your alphabet sounds and names to ‘beat the clock’ challenge say them as you write.

CLIC: Number counting: Action crouch down and stand up saying out your numbers or with a partner taking turns to say each number, try counting backwards too.
Sumdog Password: mars2020

Choose or find a joke or two to tell to a family member, or a friend by phone and see if you can make them laugh. 😊
Have a sing along and recall your opposites, to help you plan your obstacle course

Physical activity & Design and make – Plan make an opposites obstacle course. How many opposites can you include in your course?
up/down, on/off, fast/slow, under/over, in/out, walk
You could label each obstacle remember to take a photo and send it in if you can.

Understanding the world: Take another close look at the sunflower is it growing, how do you know? Place a lollipop stick or straw(made from paper) along side your shoot. Mark off the height today, I wonder if it will look different on Monday?

Story time: I know lots of you like shark stories. I hope you enjoy this one. 😉


Reading : Change your reading book day, select a book of your choice from your book band, enjoy reading your book. Remember why do we do phonics? to read words. Why do we read words ? So we can read books. Why do we read books because they’re FUN ! Remember to blend the sounds in unfamiliar words or recall your key words depending on the word. Collins on line.

Enjoy your weekend children and grownups, stay safe
Mrs Neal, Mrs Forman and all of your teachers


Talent Show!

Mrs Abbott has an exciting message for you.

Home Learning

Thursday 23rd April

Purple book: Name write challenge, use a 3 minute timer how many times can you write both of your names? ⏱
Listen again to the book Faster Faster Nice and Slow. Choose an opposite to draw and copy/ write the caption. Now try to write this sentence by yourself, I like to go fast and slow.(Adults please encourage your child to say the sentence several times and listen for the sounds as they say each word slowly. Each child works at a different level and may need to copy, support to form letters, or hear sounds in words).

Phonics – Play splat : Write out 6 words from yesterday on some paper or use your key word cards. Read the words then drop them face up on the floor, take turns to shout them out to SPLAT with a spatula. Online:

CLIC : Re- cap counting forwards and backwards from 5 / 10 / 15. Let’s see if you can record your numbers in your purple book on a missing number line. Children read or make their number line with cards first, then try putting your numbers in a missing number line. I have a caterpillar idea below. Online – Sumdog

Thank you to everyone for your patience with the Collins online learning: access was much better yesterday and I’m pleased to say that most children were able to access their reading level books. There are peak times in the day when the site struggles to cope with lots of children across the country trying to log on at the same time but the team at Collins are working hard to get it sorted. They will soon have everything running smoothly so your patience is appreciated. If you do run into difficulties today, please try again a bit later.

Reading : Collins on line. Re- read your book and carry out the activity 3 & 4, linked to your book.

Understanding the world: Take a look at our knowledge organiser and help your child to know, understand and be able to talk about 10 or more opposite pairs.

Singing: Opposites songs or your favourite one. Have fun learning the songs, take a video and send it into the office for our talent show. We are waiting to see you children, we know you are a star 🌟 in the making. Send it to the school office.

Look at Jack and Theo having fun experimenting using different ramps. Do you think a rough or smooth ramp will make their car go faster? Remember to keep your ramp angle the same and only change the surface to make it a fair test.

Breathing: Take five Seasons Take time in your day to breath deeply and feel calmer. Use the swipe link below to yesterday’s blog to find the video.

I know so many of you are writing in your purple books and they are filling up! Mr Abbott is going to get a new one delivered to you soon.

Thank you again to all the grown ups for supporting your children in their all round development. Please contact me using the school email if you have any questions. I am sending badges and personal learning messages using our Marvelous Me so send me a hi five if you have time.

Home Learning

Wednesday 22nd April

Hello everyone, it was lovely to speak to some of you and your grown ups yesterday. Bella told me all about her paddling pool and her unicorn float 🦄 . So many of you are enjoying our activities. Sumdog seems very popular. Let me know how you get on with your new Collins reading books.

Phonics / Reading – Key word read Challenge yourself to read 5 key words from your bag. See if you can get faster by recognising them without blending. If you come across a new common word in your reading book, write it out five times in your purple book. Then put it in a simple sentence. ‘ He did not get some sweets.’ Online games in phase 2 and 3

Mrs Neal’s Phonic group: words to learn (not blend)
to, the, go, no, me, my, she, he, we, went

Mrs Forman’s Phonics group: words to learn (not blend)
you, they, her, all, are, was, some, come, do, like

CLIC 3 *Flash card numbers. 1-15 or more! *Counting Find 20 small objects to count and place them in a line to count. Then put them in a pile. Carefully count out 10 from the pile. Try again count out 9, 8, 7, 11, 14, etc.
Reverse count 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 🚀 blast off ! Online – Sumdog

Yoga : Pirate Yoga today!
Imogen B ‘ I love yoga it relaxes me’ Notice how you feel, think and talk about things that make you happy and your grown ups happy 😀

Understanding the world: Let’s see what happens to a sunflower seed. If you can plant a seed and watch it grow. Look very carefully and comment on the changes you see. Keep a seed growing record. Draw a picture of your pot, soil and seed, wait a few days and as it grows draw your next picture. What happened to the seed case? How many leaves does the shoot have ? You can measure how tall or short it is with your pencil or a ruler. Try to record or talk about the changes each week. Take a look at mine below.

After 10 days
Can you see how this seed has changed into a shoot, where on the sunflower lifecycle do you think it is?
What is that on the small green leaf ?

Fast and slow: Today I would like you to think about which vehicles are fast or slow.
*Can you think of any others? *You could place them in two piles, which one has most? *Why is that do you think?
* You could order them from fastest to slowest too!
🚗 🚲 🚇 🛶 🚜 ⛵️ 🚤 🚑

Singing: I know you love to sing, so have a go at some new songs below and don’t forget your favourites too ! The Rainbow song, Walking through the jungle, Monkeys on the bed, have fun and impress your grown ups !

Fast and slow action song find a good space!

Abigail has sent in a picture of her super Spring quiz work. 🏆

Who is here today ?

I spy with my little eye …