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As a Church of England Priory Academy, the journey we plot for our children and staff can be summed up beautifully by marrying the school motto with our distinctive Christian vision, to enable all of us to flourish. Our vision is perhaps most easily encapsulated in the seven strands of the SIAMS Inspection Framework.



Aspiring to learn with courage and faith, so we can live life in all its fullness


Inviting the Holy Spirit to guide us on our journey through life


Share the power of our deepening faith through discipleship and service in our school, the community and the wider world


  Dream, by… Build, by… Grow, by…

Vision and Leadership


Aspiring for the whole school community Steering our decisions through our Christian values Creating opportunities to put our faith into action
Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills Finding a faith, achieving and attaining Questioning, listening and responding


Sharing our faith with others


Character development


Knowing our worth, our strengths and our limitations Allowing the gifts of the spirit to permeate who we are and what we do Negotiating, being buddies, lifesavers, ambassadors, taking on roles and responsibilities

Courageous advocacy


Wanting to be the best for ourselves and others Using the holy spirit as our driving force Using our beliefs to promote charity, equality, justice, peace and faith
Community and living well together Seeing the value of learning together and bringing the best out of one another Recognising uniqueness and adapting to differences Knowing that His is the one true way, for me.

Dignity and respect


Accepting that ‘life in its fullness’ is unique to each of us Knowing and developing the gifts of the spirit, whilst recognising life’s diversity Treating each other as we would wish to be treated ourselves
Impact of Collective Worship Being open to growing a faith Encountering and responding to the  Christian Faith Translating our faith into action through what we have learnt in collective worship
Effectiveness of Religious Education

Seeking knowledge of faiths, to help develop our own


Enabling learning and spirituality to flourish through a broad, relevant and enriching RE curriculum Understanding how peoples’ faith has effected the lives/actions of others and how I can use my faith for good..