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Spring Term 2020

6/1/20             Academy re-opens to pupils

7/1/20             Start of term service at 10am at Church

9/1/20             Y1 – Y6 Topic Launch at 9am and 2.45pm

14/1/20           FSU Topic Launch (Mars and Part-Time) at 8.45am and 2.45pm

28/1/20           Y1 Phonics Screening meeting for parents at 3.30pm          

12/2/20           Project check up 1

14/2/20          Last day of half term


17-21 Feb        HALF TERM


24/2/20          Academy re-opens to pupils

4/3/20             Project check up 2

5/3/20             World Book Day

6/3/20             British Science week starts

9/3/20             Sport Relief Week

9/3/20             KS2 SATs meeting for parents at 3.30pm

10/3/20           KS1 Assessment/ SATs meeting for Y2 parents at 3.30pm

11/3/20           Project Showcase

19/3/20           Year 3 / 4 Easter Performance at 10am, 2pm and 6pm

26/3/20           Mars- Y6 Parent Interviews 2-6pm

30/3/20           Mars Share the Learning at 8.45am and 2.45pm      

31/3/20           Talent Show after school

1/4/20             Year 1-6 Share the Learning at 9am and 2.45pm

3/4/20             End of term service in Church at 10am

3/4/20             Last day of term


20/4/20          Academy re-opens to pupils