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The curriculum at Priory is knowledge rich and well resourced, with clear progression in the development of both skills and knowledge and high expectations that content will be retained and built upon, by both the pupils and the staff.

School visits form an integral part of the learning and each class enjoys at least four quality external learning opportunities per year, one of which has an RE link. These visits are provided free of charge to parents/carers, which is an indication of the level of importance and benefit we feel they bring to the enhancement of the curriculum.



We use a variety of reading scheme books for home reading including Collins Big Cat, Project X and Oxford Reading Tree. Your child will be sent home with a book that comes from a coloured book band. The book band system is designed to help schools grade their reading books. Most reading scheme books for children aged 4 to 8 years have been given a book band colour by the publisher based on the level of reading difficulty. This means that a ‘pink’ book in the Collins Big Cat scheme is at the same reading level as a ‘pink’ book in the Project X scheme.

Whilst reading at home, your child should be able to read the book with little support; this should help to build confidence and fluency. Your child will have access to harder books in class whilst working with their class teacher.


“All children learn in different ways and make progress at different rates. It is possible that there may be seven-year-olds on book band red and five-year-olds on book band turquoise. Your child’s class teacher will be able to discuss this in more detail if you have any questions about the level of book they are currently reading.” Mrs Larkin


Early Years and KS1 children follow the Letters and Sounds document (2007) which can be found here:

Phonics is taught daily and children are grouped according to the phase they are working at.

These websites have a selection of free resources for parents and children and a variety of online games at each phase. (External Links)

Big Maths


Big Maths is a resource published by Andrell. It comprises of a carefully structured strategy designed to teach all areas of the mathematics curriculum in a logical and systematic way. It prioritises basic skills and has clear steps of progress built in. Children are taught to count in steps, learn facts by heart, apply skills they have already secured to different contexts, make links between learning and concepts and develop efficient strategies to solve mathematical calculations. It also provides resources to promote mathematical investigation, problem solving and challenge.

Assessment is built in and key to the strategy. From the youngest of ages, children can track their own progress week by week, gaps in learning are quickly identified and intervention put into place to deal with misconceptions etc. immediately.

Worksop Priory Academy is a partner school for Big Maths, and staff frequently demonstrate lessons, offering support for planning, delivery and assessment to staff from other local schools.


“Big Maths was introduced at Worksop Priory three years ago, since then there has been a huge improvement in results year on year, with 93% of 2018 Y6 cohort achieving at age related expectations.” Mrs Rawson