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Please watch the two videos below to find out about a couple of fantastic projects you could get involved in over the ‘Easter Holidays’! Got a question, let the school office know, or leave a message in the comments box. We can’t wait to see your work!

Home Learning

Wednesday 01.04.20

We’re halfway through the second week already! Can you believe it? A few people made it onto the new blog to post a message but some people were on the old one! Let’s have another go at that today. Here are your tasks: 

  •  Read for 15 mins and update your reading record.  
  •  Newsround  
  • PE with Joe 
  • Sumdog Maths for 15 mins please 
  • Complete 5 Read Theory Quizzes 
  • Post a message here on the NEW blog 
  • English: Find the questions in Teams/ Files/Class Materials/Industrial Revolution (purple book please) 
  • SAFE 20 Intervention at 10am with Mrs Howard – just join the meeting as usual if you’re on SAFE 20 and would like the intervention. 
  • Class novel meeting at 1pm – try not to post comments once it’s started so my iPad isn’t dinging away with alerts! 
  • Topic: Working children task on Notebook (in purple book, Word or PowerPoint) 
  • Request an intervention slot: just let me know the times you are available and we’ll book it in 

Home Learning

Tuesday 31.3.20

Happy Tuesday! Here are today’s tasks: 

  •  Read for 15 mins and update your reading record. 

·         Newsround

·         PE with Joe 

·          Sumdog reading for 15 mins please

·         Maths: Watch the video below if you need to then compete the questions on Notebook (purple book please)

·         Class novel meeting at 1pm – remember to mute! 

  • Topic/ art : Isambard Kingdom Brunel task on Notebook (purple books please)
  • Post a message on the blog today please
Home Learning

Monday 30.3.20

Welcome to a new week! I’ve had to change the way I’ve set today’s tasks as my laptop has broken 😥😥 I’m not able to upload and create files very well but hopefully I’ll be back to normal tomorrow. Anyway, everything you need is on today’s Notebook so I’ll see you over on Teams… hope you’re able to follow it ok 🤞

Today’s tasks:

  •  Read for 15 mins and update your reading record. 
  •   Sumdog spelling for 15 mins please
  • Timetable task   (Purple book or word doc)
  •   English: (purple book or Word doc)
  •   Class novel meeting at 1pm – remember to mute! 
  • French & art : from Mrs Donovan

Remember: there are videos below to help you find your way around Teams. Any issues, leave a message here or on Teams…

Home Learning Information Video

Friday 27.03.20

We’ve made it to the end of the first week!! By now, you will hopefully have settled down into a routine. Why not evaluate the timetable you made on Monday and see how that worked out? Were you realistic? 

Today’s Tasks: 

  • Read your book for 15 mins and update your reading record 
  • Newsround 
  • PE with Joe 
  • New spellings on Sumdog 
  • English – ‘ough’ spelling and reading (purple book)
  • Class Novel at 1pm – there’s an exciting new character entering….
  • RE – Instructions task (purple book or Word) 

Sumdog update: Well done to Alice and Lee who I can see had a super attempt at the challenge even though the words were for my spelling group! 20 of you accessed the spelling challenge and 14 people completed it to earn the bonus coins. Top of the leaderboard were Ruben, Hanna and Jack Hen. Well done!

Read Theory update: Well done to Harry who completed 10 quizzes. Hopefully, a few more people will join him tomorrow…

English and RE tasks can be found on Notebook. Check out the videos below to remind you how to get around on Teams

Homework Information

Thursday 26.03.20

Welcome to our new blog! I’ve kept this post very simple on purpose as there’s only so many new things we can cope with at once – me included!! Let’s see how we get on today with our tasks:

  • Read your book for 15 mins and update your reading record
  • Newsround
  • PE with Joe
  • Spelling challenge on Sumdog
  • Maths: purple books please
  • Class novel meeting at 1pm
  • Science: Fossil task (details on Notebook)

Maths: Watch the video and then find the questions in Files on Notebook

Why don’t you leave me a post to let me know what you think to the new blogs? You can contact me on here or on Teams to let me know how you’re getting on or if you have any questions. Have a lovely Thursday 🙂


Welcome to Year 6!

Hello Priory! Our old school blogs were overwhelmed by the amount of people viewing them recently, so we have made some new ones! Hopefully you can find your way around, they look a little different, but are far more up to date. We welcome any feedback from children and parents/carers.