Timetable W/C 01.06.20

Take 5

Take 5 Breathing Week 6


Thursday 04.06.20

Daily activities: Read Theory, Joe Wicks, reading, spelling.

Today’s activities: English, maths and science.

Maths: This week we have been looking at perimeter in maths. I have set you a sumdog challenge to test your knowledge and then I will be checking your score. Make sure you take your time and answer the questions carefully.

English: On Collins today, you will find an activity which is all about the difference between formal and informal language. After completing this task, can you tell me whether the letter from Mr B. Quiet that we have been looking at was formal or informal? Include evidence of how you know.
Watch this video to help you to understand the difference between formal and informal language. It explains the choice of vocabulary, abbreviations, passive language and longer and complex sentences.

Science: A natural scientist, or naturalist, studies natural history, i.e. the study of plants and animals by observing them, rather than by conducting experiments. An animal behaviourist makes a scientific study of everything an animal does, so again they observe very carefully.
I would like you to go outside and become a natural scientist. Sit quietly and listen to your surroundings. What can you hear? What can you see? Write your observations down in your purple book.
Now, I would like you to research a famous natural scientist. Choose one of the following scientists and do a factfile of their life and their work. You may have already heard of some of these scientists.
Charles Darwin, Chris Packham, David Attenborough, Alfred Russel Wallace, Steve Backshall, Steve Irwin, Jane Goodall, George McGavin,

I have posted a link to a video of some of Jane Goodhall’s work so that you can really understand the job role of a natural scientist.

Answers to yesterday’s perimeter questions.
M= 38 CM
N= 48 CM
0 = 38 CM
P= 48 CM
2= 150 CM
3= 15 CM
4= 744 CM
5= 120 M


Wednesday 03.06.20

Daily activities: Read Theory, reading, Joe Wicks

Today’s activities: spelling test, maths, English and topic.

New spelling words: bargain, embarrass, individual, programme, temperature, bruise, environment, interfere, pronunciation, thorough.

Your English work can be found online on the Collins website, it is the letter-string -ough which we have looked at before! Let me know if you need any help with this πŸ™‚

Maths: Can you complete these perimeter challenge questions in your purple book? Watch the videos from yesterday’s blog again if you are struggling πŸ™‚

Topic: Now that we are experts on lots of volcanoes, can you match these descriptions to the correct volcano? There are three descriptions and 4 volcano names. Can you guess the right one? If you are finding this difficult, do some research to help you.

Have a wonderful day Year 5, I would love to hear from you all!

Here are the answers from yesterday’s perimeter questions.

Tuesday 02.06.20

Daily activities: Read Theory, reading, Joe Wicks, Spelling.

Today’s activities: English (Collins) Maths.

English: When you sign into Collins today, you will find an activity all about linking words in a paragraph. Here is a really helpful video for you to watch before you complete the activity. Please get in contact if you need any help with this πŸ™‚

We have looked at perimeter before so this is a little recap for you. Please watch this introduction to perimeter video. Now that you remember how to find the perimeter of a shape, watch this video to discover how to find missing measurements in regular and irregular shapes. When the video begins to talk about area at around 1:58, you can pause it and complete the questions below in your purple books.

Here is a challenge question to get you ready for tomorrow. See how you get on πŸ™‚

I hope that you all have a fantastic day and you have chance to safely enjoy the sunshine πŸ™‚


Monday 01.06.20

Happy Monday everyone. Welcome back to a new half-term and a new month! I hope that you have had a lovely break and now you are ready for some super learning again. I would love to know what you have all been up to!

Daily activities: Spelling, reading, Read Theory, P.E with Joe Wicks (or another form of exercise)

Today’s activities: Maths(Sumdog online), English and R.E.

English: Comprehension work on Collins ‘Noisy Neighbours’. We began this text before school closed, can you familiarise yourself with the text again and answer the questions online? I have posted the text below because some of you say that it doesn’t allow you to go back to the text once you have read it. I hope this helps.

Southborough Council, High Street, Southborough
Environmental Health Department
Mr J Trigger
Flat 9
High Risings
Hornsey Lane

1st October
Dear Sir,

I fear that we have received yet another complaint from one of your neighbours concerning the noise emanating from your home. This is not the first occasion we have had cause to draw this matter to your attention. I refer to my letters of 29th July and 16th August.
On both previous occasions you assured me that the problem would cease forthwith, but those promises appear not to have been fulfilled.
The present complaint refers not only to the volume of the music which you, or the other members of your family, are playing from early morning until midnight, but also to the sound of your dogs constantly fighting, musical instruments being played at loud volumes, and household appliances which I’m informed are in use incessantly.
This letter is our final warning before we shall be forced to take further action to restrain your total disregard for the welfare of your neighbours.

Yours faithfully
Mr B Quiet
Complaints Officer

R.E- We are continuing with our Islamic Faith topic this half-term. We have looked at lots of things so far. This week, we are going to learn more about Muhammad peace be upon him, who was Allah’s prophet. Muhammad (pbuh) was chosen by Allah to become a messenger of God. Watch this video to find out more. After watching the video, I would like you to complete a factfile of Muhammad (pbuh). You can include things such as; his job before he was chosen by Allah, his family, how and why he became a prophet for Allah, what he did with his knowledge etc. You can present this however you like and include pictures too :).

Have a great day! πŸ™‚



Our half-term activities begin tomorrow! There are plenty of activities to get involved with. Click below to find out more…

Take 5

Take 5 Breathing Week 5


Thursday 21.05.20

Daily activities: Reading, Read Theory and P.E with Joe Wicks

Today’s activities: English (Collins), Maths (CLIC and SAFE online) and Science.

Please answer these quiz questions in a blog post to me so that I can check your answers. They are a mixture of all the things you have been learning about in science this half term.

  1. What are the male and female parts of a plant called?
  2. What does the word ‘Germinate’ mean?
  3. How are seeds from a plant spread?
  4. What does pollination mean?
  5. What is a Botanical illustration?
  6. Explain what an animal life cycle is
  7. What is an amphibian?
  8. What does the word ‘Metamorphosis’ mean?

One of the things that I asked you to create was a botanical illustration and I know that lots of you enjoyed doing this. Today, I would like you to create a zoological illustration. This is a picture which shows the different stages of an animal’s life cycle. It is just like a botanical illustration but instead of the stages of a plant’s life cycle, it is an animals. I would like you to look at the examples below and create your own zoological illustration. I would like you to tell me whether your animal is a mammal, insect, bird or amphibian and whether it goes through the process of metamorphosis. You can either β€˜magpie’ from the examples below or choose any animal of your choice. I can’t wait to see your work!

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine πŸ™‚


Wednesday 20.05.20

Daily activities: Reading, Read Theory and P.E with Joe Wicks.

Todays activities: English (Collins), Maths, spelling test and Topic.

Your new weekly spelling words are; average, dictionary, immediate, privilege, symbol, awkward, disastrous, immediately, profession, system.

Today we are going to be looking at cube numbers. Watch the tutorial video and answer the questions below in your purple books. Some questions are recap questions from yesterday’s work on square numbers πŸ™‚

Topic: For our knowledge lessons, we have been looking at the names of 10 different volcanoes. Can you choose one of those volcanoes and make a fact file of it. I would like to know what type of volcano it is, what stage the volcano is (active, dormant, extinct), when did it last erupt? Where is it in the world? How tall is it? Has anyone ever climbed it? Any other interesting facts that you could find. Finish off your fact file with a wonderful picture of your chosen volcano and send a picture of your work to me πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see it.

Answers for yesterday’s maths are below.