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Friday 26.06.20

I hope you’ve had a lovely week Year 1.

Here are your learning activities for today.

Maths – please complete your CLIC, Learn Its and SAFE challenges on BIGMaths Online.

Phonics – scroll down for today’s phonics video.
Keep visiting Phonics Play. username: march20     password: home

English – spelling the names of the days of the week.
Today we are spelling: Friday. Scroll down for more information.

PSHE – explore the videos and activity on BBC Bitesize about staying healthy.

Please remember to read for at least 15 minutes.
There are lots of exciting books to enjoy on Collins Big Cat.

Don’t forget to post a message on the blog telling me what you’ve been up to.


Mrs Lettherd’s group: visit Sumdog and complete the spelling quiz.

Put the words into your own sentences and write these in your purple book.


Here are some ideas for spelling activities.

You might also like to watch this BBC Supermovers video.

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