Hello Shooting Stars and Roaring Rockets! Here are some activities that we will be trying this week.

This week we are talking about the season ‘Autumn’. What can we see in Autumn? What do we wear? What autumn foods are there? We will be going on an Autumn walk around our FSU garden and collecting leaves. Have a look around your garden too. Take a close look at the leaves and what colours you can see.

Craft – After having a close look at Autumn leaves and colours, have a go at making your own Autumn picture. In school we are printing autumn leaves with broccoli!

Pumpkins! We are also exploring pumpkins this week. Cut open a pumpkin and have a look what you can see. This is a great talking activity. Ask your child how it feels and what it smells like. Grab some large cooking spoons from the kitchen and scoop out the inside. Perhaps you can use the seeds for counting?

Shape – We are working on recognising 2D shapes. Have a look at the shape mat below. Look at the square, rectangle, circle and triangle. How many sides do they have? Are the sides the same size? Go for a shape hunt around the house to find these shapes. If your child recognises these 4 shapes, challenge them to have a look at the other shapes.

Rhyme of the week


🍏 Apple Week! 🍎

This week we are learning about apple harvest. Here are some activities for you to try at home! Start by cutting an apple and looking at the different parts. Talk about how they look and feel. 🍎

Number 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ – Count out your apples at home. How many apples do you have? Compare the different sizes of your apples. Which apple is the biggest? Which apple is smallest?

Understanding the world 🍎🍏 – Make ramps at home and try rolling apples down the ramps. How far does your apple role? Try rolling different size apples.

Creative 🎨🍏 – Apple printing. Have a go at making an apple print painting. What colour paint will you use to paint your apple?

Nursery Rhyme of the week πŸ¦†πŸŽΌ

I hope you enjoy trying some of this week’s activities. Leave a comment and let us know what you have been up to at home.

Miss Mullen πŸ₯°πŸŒˆ


I Like Books πŸ“š

This week our book of the week is ‘I Like Books’. We will be talking about our favourite books. Leave a comment to let us know what your favourite book is and why you like it. Here are some of our favorite books. πŸ“šπŸ΅

Phonics πŸ¦’ We are learning the sound ‘t’. Watch Geraldine the Giraffe learn the sound. Can you think of anything beginning with the sound ‘t’? Go on a hunt around the house and garden to find things beginning with the letter sound.

Physical πŸ“ – Try out these physical movements.

We hope you enjoy trying some of these activities if you’re home this week.

Miss Mullen πŸ₯°πŸŒˆ


‘Things I Like’

This week we are looking at the book ‘Things I Like’. We have continued to learn all about each other by talking about the things that we like best.

Craft – Have a look through old magazines and catalogues. Cut out pictures of things you like. Stick them together to make a collage of things you like.

Phonics – This week we are learning the sound ‘a’. Watch Geraldine’s video on the sound ‘a’. Can you think of anything beginning with the sound ‘a’? Go on a hunt around the house/garden to see what you can find!

We are learning our 2D shapes. Have a look at the shape mat below. Can you recognise any of these shapes? Go on a shape hunt around your house to see what shapes you can find.


‘Only One You’

We have been learning all about each other. We know that we are all different and special in our own way.

Creative – We have been making beautiful, colourful fish in our craft. We have been cutting and sticking colourful tissue paper and adding sequins and glitter. Have a go at this at home.

We have started our phase 2 phonics this week. We are learning the sound ‘s’. Can you think of anything that begins with the sound ‘s’? Go on a hunt around the house to see what you can find.


Welcome back! πŸš€πŸ’«

Welcome back everyone! We have had a lovely first few days back at school. Here are some photos of all the fun we have been having!


Friday 17.07.20

Happy last day boys and girls! Well done for all of your amazing hard work this year! I’m going to miss those of you that are moving into Mars or your new class! I am so proud of you all. I had put together a goodbye video to say goodbye to Rockets and Stars!

Phonics – Join in with my phonics video! Practice writing the letter ‘n’. Don’t forget to do your finger exercises!

Dough Disco – Grab your dough or a sponge and head to the dough disco!

Waterplay – Enjoy playing with water outside. Play in a paddling pool or fill up buckets and trays of water! Have a go at making a boat.

Dance – Play your favourite songs and dance with your family! Today, I’m going to be scarf dancing to ‘Let it go’ and Moana.

Number – Play number splat! practice recognising numbers 1-10.

Yoga – Time for our yoga!

Have a fabulous day!


Thursday 16.07.20

Good morning Rockets and Stars!

Here are some fun RE and PE activities from Mrs Donovan

We’ve been looking at churches for the past few weeks. This week I’d like you to have a think about what things are in the inside of a church. You might remember seeing some things during our trips to Priory church together.

Have a look at these pictures and talk to an adult about what you see. Choose 2 pictures and have a go at drawing them in your purple books. Make sure you look carefully at pictures and include lots of details and colour.

Lets get creative with animal movements! Have a go at this. If you are at home ask your adult to shout out the different instructions. You could mix them up and have lots of fun!


Wednesday 14.07.20

Yoga – Time for our morning stretch!

Name write – Practice writing your name.

Number – Can you recognise numbers from 1-10? Play number splat to practice!

Cutting skills – Practice your cutting skills by cutting out circles to make your own caterpillar.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Patterns

Have a great day!


Tuesday 14.07.20

Yoga – Time for our morning stretch.

Name Write  – Practise writing your name. If your child can independently write their first name, practise writing their surname.

Number – Matching numbers. Make some individual number cards from 1-10. Look what number is on the card, match the same amount of pegs to the number on the card.

Phonics – Join in with today’s phonics recap.

Creative – Have fun making a bubble painting!

Have a fabulous day!